10 Most Loyal and Devoted Dog Breeds

If you want to know which dogs are the most loyal, here is a list where you can find them.

It is more than known that the dog is considered to be man’s best friend, that it is a very loyal animal and that it can even sacrifice its life to protect its human family. Discover some dog breeds who are characterized by their fidelity and loyalty.

Golden retriever

This dog breed has a rather gentle character, is very intelligent and affectionate and is without a doubt one of the most loyal breeds for its owners. On the other side, live in complete harmony with childrenas they are very obedient and tend to get along well not only with other pets in the house, but also with strangers.

The Golden Retriever is the ideal assistance dog.The Golden Retriever is the ideal assistance dog.

One of their characteristics is that they are people pleasers, which is why they are very trainable as well as obedient, which is why they are used as guide dogs or guide dogs. supports in many cases. Barking is often not to their liking, so they are not suitable as guard dogs. As for coexistence, they love activity and show affection to the people around them, so they try to attract attention in order to attract a person to the game. It was originally a retriever, but over the years it became a family dog, which is why They are used to teach various disciplines.be it search, rescue, supporting the blind and disabled, or apprehending contraband.

Saint Bernard

This breed is very affectionate and peaceful, in fact it is very calm and friendly, although sometimes it seems that more than anything else it exudes apathy. Therefore, they are very willing to protect the family whenever they believe that someone is in danger. For being so sweet, sweet and tolerant, Saint Bernards can be carried with you. especially good in families with well-mannered children. They are very understanding and patient, careful in their movements.

This dog breed is very calm and peaceful.This dog breed is very calm and peaceful.

At all times, these dogs try to please others, so they are considered very loyal to their owners. One of the things that makes this breed very happy is the opportunity to participate in family activities, although exercise is not their strong point. Even worse, we must not forget that this breed can be stubborn and stubborn at times.

Labrador Retriever

In general, they are ideal dogs for family life, but they need a lot of exercise and exercise. undergo training. One of their characteristics is that they love to be given tasks, so they work very well and take orders well. They usually get along well with other dog breeds, children and with no one at all. Due to their energy, although they are very loyal, they can sometimes be destructive as they need to remain flexible. Nipping can be a problem because they have an oral fixation as a result of a strong escape instinct.

Labradors need to stay flexibleLabradors need to stay flexible

The truth is that they are very adorable and that is why they are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are very smart and easy to train, love company and are therefore sad. if they are left alone for a long time. Their loyalty is one of their most important traits, and like the Golden Retriever, they are used for many occasions. like rescue dogs or guidance for the people who need it most.

Border Collie

These dogs are very active and hard-working, although if they don’t move, they can become unhappy. They are characterized by being very intelligent, learning quickly and responding very well to praise. On the other hand, given that they were always herding dogsThey are very protective of their family and their territory, marking it more than necessary. If there are children in the family, they will take care of them, although they can be harsh with strangers due to the same protective nature.

This breed responds very well to praise.This breed responds very well to praise.

Although they are very loyal dogs towards their own, it is important to socialize them as early as possible so that they are not shy around strangers and must be taught to coexist and be obedient. so that they do not run away in extreme situations and behave appropriately.

German Shepherd

This breed gets along very well with children and other pets as long as they live in the same house. This is a very intelligent breed and is easy to train. and they have a guardian instinctThis is why they tend to stick with strangers, but with the people closest to them they are very loyal and devoted. Poor socialization and insufficient preparation This can lead to them becoming overprotective.

German Shepherds are very nobleGerman Shepherds are very noble

If the German Shepherd was raised poorly, things can be more complicated. this applies to otherstherefore, they must be taught to obey and they cannot be left alone for a long time, as they become more secretive, nervous and easily excitable.

Brittany Spaniel

These dogs they are full of energy, and therefore they are usually very affectionate and devoted to their owners. The truth is that they are very good for training or hunting because they are excellent search engines. They generally excel at dog sports and are very affectionate with children in the house.

The Brittany spaniel will never refuse affectionThe Brittany spaniel will never refuse affection

In addition, they stand out for their intelligence and most of them do not miss the opportunity to receive affection or hugs. They need a lot of physical and mental exercise and need to be socialized as soon as possible. so that they too would be noble towards foreigners that they will get home. Although they are intelligent, men have a more carefree nature and are easy to persuade, while women use their intelligence to achieve their goals, so they can be more difficult to deal with.

Yorkshire Terrier

Although it is a small dog, its appearance does not match its strong personality as it is a very lively, energetic and dominant breed. Although they are very affectionate, They need a lot of attention too, so they are fixated on their owners, so they can be a good choice if you want to pamper them. Due to their small size, they do very well in apartments and do not need a lot of space to stay active.

Although they bark a lot, these dogs are very affectionate.Although they bark a lot, these dogs are very affectionate.

Of course, they are so devoted to their home that they defend it with all their might, so they tend to bark and become very defensive, marking their territory whenever they can. Of course, they can be taught to moderate. his barking when a stranger comes homebut this usually fails because they are stubborn when it comes to controlling themselves.


Despite its incredible size, this dog is very obedient and easily adapts to life in a family home. This breed is attentive and reliable.and are very tolerant of children because they protect them, standing in the way of any stranger if he wants to harm his family. They do not bark, but are very attentive and will demonstrate a willingness to protect.

Newfoundlanders are very caringNewfoundlanders are very caring

Apart from their defensive nature, they are very sweet dogs and can feel at home with complete peace of mind because they are also friendly and love to be accompanied. Regarding their home problems, they drool easily, they need play sports outside and they eat quite a few kilos of food per month, which results in significant expenses, but this is balanced considering how good they are to their owners.


The story, brought to the big screen in the movie Always There For You, starring Richard Gere, is a prime example of how this dog breed is one of the most loyal in existence. The dog in this story, despite the fact that his owner died, he went to the station for years, where he waited for him every day as long as he lived, hoping that one day he would appear. This dog breed is very noble, although not used to living with other pets in the same house because he has strong leadership qualities.

Loyalty and purity are his most characteristic features.Loyalty and purity are his most characteristic features.

This breed is loyal and affectionate with its family, but is very territorial if a stranger touches its home. On the other hand, they are very good guard dogs and only bark if they see something strange. For centuries, this breed has been bred as a companion dog., so coexistence is quite easy. As for the children of the family, the Akita is just as devoted to them as to the rest of the family. This is perhaps one of the most loyal breeds that exists, and another of its most important traits is that it is a very clean breed, so these two things they make him more attractive to have him as a pet.


These dogs are known for their intelligence and easy trainability, which is why they have been used in circuses for exhibitions, quick learning and a predisposition to complete tasks. They are very playful, very active and they like to be the center of everyone’s attention, so they sometimes bark annoyingly to get attention, especially if they are ignored or left alone.

Poodles are very energetic and playful.Poodles are very energetic and playful.

They are very habitual dogs, energetic, intelligent and energetic. To prevent them from quickly believing that they are the center of everything and have this need, we must try to teach them socialization. since they were puppiesincluding family and other pets if necessary, so that they do not feel like they own everything, even their owners.

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