7 Things You Should Teach Your Kids Before Adolescence

7 Things You Should Teach Your Kids Before Adolescence

7 Things You Should Teach Your Kids Before Adolescence


Raising children is a full-time job from birth to adulthood.

Educating and raising children is a full-time job, from birth until they become independent adults. When they are very young, fathers and mothers invest all their efforts in teaching them all kinds of learning, how to tie shoes, how to dress, how to hold a fork to eat properly. However, as children grow and gain autonomy, we tend to forget Teach them some things that will be fundamental in their future.

Important things you need to learn Handle any situation, even when you’re not around to take care of everything. So that your children grow up to be ready, autonomous and independent adults and are capable of solving any problem on their own.

Basic Things Kids Need to Know Before Adolescence

Apart from learning basic values ​​from an early age, children should also learn other things that will help them grow. Develop all your skills.

Knowing how to cook is an essential skill and one that many parents overlookKnowing how to cook is an essential skill and one that many parents overlook
  1. Cook : Knowing how to cook is an essential skill and one that many parents overlook. Nowadays, children leave home earlier, study in other cities or countries, travel with their classmates and behave very differently than a few decades ago. So the kids can Eat well, healthily and you can do it for them. Make sure to teach them some basic techniques, how to clean and prepare certain foods, and hygiene rules to avoid food poisoning. Anything you can think of to help your child handle themselves in the kitchen as they reach adolescence will help.
  2. Be organized : Maybe you have organization problems yourself and that is the main reason why you need to teach your child to organize before they reach adolescence. Being organized is a great skill that will help you in your studies, your work life, your home, your finances and planning. In any aspect of your life.
  3. Hygiene : It sounds obvious, but the truth is that many boys reach puberty without knowing how to take care of their hygiene. It’s not that they’re more or less clean, they just don’t know how to do it. As boys’ bodies change and they reach puberty, they experience a series of hardships They don’t always know how to manage hormonal changes. By the time they reach puberty, boys and girls should know how to wash their hair properly, brush their teeth properly, and of course, get into the habit of doing it every day.
  4. Children don't know where money comes fromChildren don’t know where money comes from
  5. Domestic economy : Kids don’t know where the money comes from, or where it goes each month. They don’t know about the value of money, something they should have learned before puberty. Concepts like savings, expenditure, salary are essential So children can value moneyConsume responsibly and know what it costs to earn every cent.
  6. Responsible : Be responsible for your actions and know that every action has a consequence. Responsible It is about respecting the rules, in accepting that things are not always one’s way. Take your duties because it is your responsibility, it is taking care of your things, your academic training or your future job. It is necessary to be responsible for all this.
  7.     Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person's shoestitle
  8. sexual : Nowadays children get all kinds of information through the internet, that’s why parents often overlook important subjects like sex education. However, this is a parent’s job, like many others that are a part of education. There is no one better to teach your child than you What is responsible, consensual and safe sex?. No one can explain what sexually transmitted diseases are, what are their risks and consequences, what is an unplanned pregnancy, what changes in life happen when you have children unprepared. In sex education you must also include respect for the other person. It must always, always, be consented to and desired by the people participating in the sex act. Also, if they have any questions, they can always count on you to naturally solve all their concerns.
  9. Empathy : Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, a fundamental value for interacting with others in any social context. But empathy is not learned if no one teaches you it. Children need to learn to recognize emotions in themselves and others. Developing empathy will prevent them from being selfish, because then They will respect all lifeFor those who are like them, those who are different, those who walk on four legs or those born from the earth.

Educating children A job that never ends when they stop being kidsIt’s a job for life.

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