Adopting an adult cat: advantages and disadvantages

Young felines require more care and more attention from their owner, while adults are more independent.

Most of the time, when we think about welcoming a new pet into our home, we usually think about puppies or animals that are just a few months or days old. The truth is that we rarely realize that such a possibility exists, and We forget that older people deserve a second chance too.. In fact, there are many benefits to this option that we may not appreciate, especially with older cats. So, if you are thinking about it, in this article we will tell you all the benefits that come with adopting an adult cat.

Advantages of purchasing an adult cat

While the most common practice nowadays is to rule out adult adoptions, there are actually many reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to adopt a cat that is no longer a puppy:

There are many benefits to adopting an adult cat.There are many benefits to adopting an adult cat.
  • Cats that are only a few months or days old require constant care. which often turns out to be a hindrance, especially considering that if you work or don’t have time to dedicate yourself to him, you will find it difficult to dedicate yourself to him and cover his basic needs. Cat puppies should be bottle-fed with artificial formula and gradually introduced wet food into their diet. Except, you need to take more care of your hygiene, especially mucous membranes, while adult cats groom themselves, and many of them even refuse to be cleaned by their owners. In this aspect they are much more independent and require less attention.
  • An adult cat will no longer change physically as you see it, so it will remain. On the contrary, younger specimens tend to change the color of their coat and it is not known exactly what weight and height they will reach in the future.
  • Older cats know where to relieve themselvesIn fact, they will seek out their own litter box to satisfy themselves. On the contrary, kittens have to undergo training to learn this daily routine. Besides, young felines tend to be more mischievous and therefore you will break more things. While it’s true that some adult cats can be like this too, it’s usually puppies who are more naughty and playful, and those who break or bite more things are also looking to relieve the pain caused by their teeth growing.
  • When choosing an adult cat, you can find out its character. and this way you will get an idea of ​​whether he will be able to get along with children or other animals. While it is true that some animals have a harder time socializing, especially those who have been abandoned or mistreated, the truth is that anything can be achieved through gradual adaptation.
  • note that an older cat requires fewer visits to the veterinarian than the youngest specimens. It is true that if you have any health problems, you should contact a specialist to help your pet at any point in its life, but in general, it is puppies that need more careful monitoring to ensure that they are developing properly. This fact means that, therefore, Keeping an adult cat is cheaper in terms of veterinary costs. If baby cats are in good health, they should also receive their first vaccinations and deworming.
  • The most important thing about adopting a cat that is several years old is that you are doing her a big favor.. Unfortunately, in many cases, the oldest animals in kennels and shelters are doomed to spend the last day of their lives in these places, when in fact they deserve a second chance. When we think about getting a pet, we usually want a little kitten that will grow with us, but as we have seen, adopting an adult has many benefits and perhaps even fewer problems. Consider that there is nothing that a good adaptation cannot solve. This way, you will not only be contributing to a good cause, but you will also help reduce the high occupancy rate that animal shelters unfortunately experience. our country.
By adopting an adult cat, you are doing her a huge favor.By adopting an adult cat, you are doing her a huge favor.

Possible Disadvantages of Having a Cat

The truth is that having a cat as a pet can be quite beneficial for people, whether it is an adult animal, as we saw earlier, or a puppy. And the only drawbacks are obvious, since Like any living being we choose to be responsible for, we have needs that must be met.. Don’t forget to give your cat the care that any other creature needs because it’s not just about food, it’s also about giving her a rest area and a relaxing area to do her business.

Also remember that You should spend time on hygiene every day and spend money on all the things you need., as well as for deworming and veterinary visits. However, other problems that may arise that are less controllable may be allergy problems that some people develop due to animal hair, or allergies caused by certain components of urine. You should know that there are products that minimize these health problems in humans, although it is also clear that improving animal hygiene helps reduce the risk or severity of allergies.

You must give all the attention your cat needs.You must give all the attention your cat needs.

Additionally, another downside to having a cat can be urine markings that cats use or scratch, although you can train the animal to correct this behavior. However, it should be noted that In most cases, urine markings are corrected by castration.. Likewise, you should know that cats are very independent animals, and while there are quite a few cats that love to be pampered, others prefer autonomy and distance, so you should respect them or, if that fails, try to adapt them gradually.

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