Advantages and disadvantages of threading

This technique is much less painful, does not irritate the skin, lasts longer and reproduces an exfoliating effect that prevents wrinkles early and softens existing ones.

Hair removal It is one of the most common aesthetic procedures, but also one of the most painful, and for this reason more and more innovations have been added to this field to achieve the same result. Less painful and more effective. One of these ‘new’ techniques is threading. While this may seem new to many, it is actually a technique that has been used in the Middle East and Egypt for centuries. Hence, it is an ancient practice to remove excessive facial hair in general. Although this technique is not usually taught to beauticians, but Passed down from generation to generationIt is true that many beauty centers offer this type of hair removal to their clients.

You can also take into account another option besides threading, and we mention the pulsed light epilator. It is a new technology that has become very fashionable, not because it is new, but because it really works.

As its name suggests, it is a hair removal technique Text is the main tool Remove unwanted hair from the roots. This technique is usually used for facial hair removal, but it is equally possible for all parts of the body, the only problem is the time it takes to do it from the practice. You have to go hair by hair. To give you an idea, it takes on average to pluck both eyebrows 20 minutes So if you want to use this technique to shave your legs, for example, you will have to spend more time than waxing or shaving.

It is a hair removal technique in which thread is the main toolIt is a hair removal technique in which thread is the main tool

What does it contain?

You only need to achieve the desired effect with this technique Twist cotton or silk thread Wrap around the index finger and thumb of each hand and cross it in an X shape. Once you pass the thread, you need to do it with the help of your fingers Move it back and forth It clings to the skin trying to ‘hunt’ for those hairs we want to get rid of. In this way, the thread grabs the hair and pulls it out from the roots, i.e. extracting the hair from the follicle instead of cutting it like other hair removal methods like depilatory cream or razor.

Looks like something Simple and safe But as with all hair removal techniques, this is the case Benefits and risks As it is still a technique of removing something from our body, it leaves a clear path for all kinds of foreign agents.


Pull the hair out by the roots

It lasts longer than other hair removal techniques By pulling the hair out from the roots instead of cutting it, it slows down its growth. Also, it offers potential Remove the hair no matter how small it is And, therefore, there is no need to wait for them to appear and remain for a long time, like the rest of the hair removal methods. Additionally, pulling the hair from the roots weakens it, causing it to grow back. Weak and thin.

Threading lasts longer than other techniques Threading lasts longer than other techniques

Does not irritate the skin

This technique, if done well, does not irritate the skin, so it can be used People with sensitive skin. In part, it is one of the methods of hair removal More hygienic At no point in the market are products used that make your skin dirty.

Prevents wrinkles

It has an exfoliating effect and Prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Threading is a perfect technique to remove dead skin cells and smooth the first wrinkles that appear on the skin. Besides, By not stretching the skin As with waxing, waxed areas prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Solid accuracy

It is more accurate than waxing. Threading hair removal This is one of the most accurate techniques When removing facial hair, the hair can be practically picked until it leaves the hair. In the case of eyebrowsdesired shape.



Like this hair removal method Causes the hair to come out of the follicle, as it leaves an open hole, which runs a higher risk of infection. That pore is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, resulting in a condition known as folliculitis. This condition usually manifests itself in the form Small pimples With a white head around one or more follicles. Because acute folliculitis can cause permanent hair loss, you need to be very careful with this infection. Appearance of some scars. In addition, you can also run the risk There is an allergic reaction They are usually used with an ointment or gel, because by opening the follicle you can develop an allergic reaction to the product. For this reason, it’s best to make sure it’s the gel they’re applying to you Hypoallergenic.

    Twisting can lead to undesirable resultsTwisting can lead to undesirable results

the pain

Although many claim that it is the least painful method of facial hair removal, the truth is It is still a technique of pulling the hair out from the roots.. So, just because it’s one of the least painful techniques doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause pain. yes indeed, Degree of pain It depends on the skills of the person performing the hair removal and the sensitivity of the waxed person’s skin. Besides, If you have very thick hair The person in charge of hair removal should pull hard with the thread so that the hair comes out completely. Therefore, this technique is not recommended for people with Very low pain threshold Or very thick hair may experience more pain than other hair removal techniques.

Undesirable results

Threading hair removal Very useful But this can lead to unwanted results such as disfiguring eyebrows due to addition or removal Hair is cut instead of pulled out So its growth is fast. It all depends on the experience and skill of the person responsible for doing the threading If you are an inexperienced person You can cause skin damage using this technique.

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