Advantages of induction ceramic hobs

Faster cooking speeds, energy efficiency and increased safety are some of the benefits of an induction cooker.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is here that we have everything we need to eat properly and in optimal conditions. When we move or make changes or renovations to our kitchen, there is one element that we need to pay special attention to – the stove we are going to install. Today on the market there is several hobs with which we can provide heat for cooking in pots, pans, pans… Among the most famous and common: gas stove, ceramic stove, modular stove or induction stove. We will talk about the last one, the induction cooker, in this article to understand whether it is the best option for cooking at home.

How does an induction cooker work?

An induction ceramic hob differs from other hobs in its system of heat transfer to the cookware in which we cook. The induction cooker works after a while electrical resistance which are located under the glass-ceramic glass, the indicated resistances they heat the glass and this transfers its heat to the container which we place on top.

It works by electrical resistance that heats the glass and transfers it to the container.It works by electrical resistance that heats the glass and transfers it to the container.

In particular, the induction cooker uses alternating magnetic field which magnetizes the ferromagnetic material of the container in one direction or another. This causes the material to shake, and the energy it absorbs is released as heat and heats the container. As a result of this system Not all types of containers can be used. cook on induction hobs, since they must be made of ferromagnetic material at least on the base. For this reason, containers Do not use aluminum, terracotta, ceramics, glass or copper. with such a kitchen.

Advantages of induction ceramic hob

While it may also have its drawbacks, the truth is that it does have them. many advantages induction cooktops compared to other cooktops. The most notable advantages of induction ceramic hobs include:


An induction cooker, unlike a ceramic one, heats up much faster. This is due to the fact that the induction system directly heats the bottom of the container instead of heating the surface. Because the heat reaches the container faster, it takes less time to heat the food. If you’ve been using a ceramic cooktop and decide to upgrade to an induction cooktop, cooking speed will be the first element you pay attention to.


One of the biggest advantages of an induction cooker is the safety it provides. regarding the possibility of getting burned. This is because by heating only the container, the plate almost always remains cold. Moreover, although the plate does get a little hot from contact with the containers, once you separate them, the plate It only takes a few seconds for the temperature to drop.. This is a very important element to consider if you live in a home. with kidsas this will ensure peace and security.

When cleaning and maintaining the test tube, take special care to avoid scratching it.When cleaning and maintaining the test tube, take special care to avoid scratching it.


Like a ceramic hob, an induction hob is programmable, meaning it has Sleep Timer which allows you to program the stove so that it turns off after a selected time.


Induction cooker available one of the most effective inside kitchen plates. Although it may seem that induction cookers heat up faster, the opposite is true. Induction cooktops transfer heat through electromagnetism has very little heat loss since they directly heat the container. It also helps the food heat up faster, thereby reducing cooking time, which means less energy is wasted.

Design and service

While design should always be based on each individual’s tastes, the truth is that induction cooktops usually have discreet, modern and elegant design. They are usually smooth, shiny and easy to clean, you just need to have Be careful not to use cleaning pads or products that may scratch surface.

Disadvantages of an induction cooker

As they say, all that glitters is not gold, and while induction cooktops are the most convenient and safe option for cooking at home, the truth is that, like all cooktops, they also have their downsides:

Special dishes

Powered by electromagnetism, you can cook on an induction hob. need special containers for this type of kitchen, that is, if you do not already have pans, pots and utensils suitable for this type of stove, you should purchase them. The biggest downside to this is that these types of cookware are usually more expensive and if you don’t already have them, this can be a pretty significant additional expense.

Higher price

Unlike other cooktops, induction cooktops tend to command a higher price in the market. Although this largely depends on the model, it is clear that this is the case. almost twice as expensive Compared to a ceramic or gas hob, this extra cost is quickly recouped by the energy savings of induction hobs when cooking.

Induction cooking requires special containers.Induction cooking requires special containers.

Adapt to a new way of cooking

If you are used to cooking on another type of cooktop, such as gas or induction, you may want to take your cooktop with you. time to adapt to induction. Although it looks the same as a ceramic stove, it actually cooks differently. As we said earlier, an induction cooker heats up faster, but also cools down faster, so it should be very good control of power and different temperature levels that the plate allows you to cook well and does not allow food to burn or remain raw.

If you know what an induction hob is made of and what its advantages and disadvantages are, all you need to do is Compare it with other plates. and see if you prefer to replace your existing one or directly install an induction cooker in your kitchen to cook delicious recipes.

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