Alessandra Ambrosio and Rita Ora show off this week’s worst beauty looks

Celebs’ hairstyle and make-up blunders are echoing on social media and in the media.

Celebs seen in a week where events have slowed significantly due to the coronavirus crisis, mainly in Spain Some rolled out red carpets or went about their daily businessThey have left us some unforgettable beauty scenes.

Emily Blunt’s unnecessary glare

Emily Blunt's GlitterEmily Blunt’s Glitter

We begin Emily Blunt. The actress was among those who attended the premiere of ‘A Quiet Place 2’ in New York. A mystery film where the actress is part of its cast. A mystery that is not hard to figure out in the case of her makeup.

Celebrity sin is a very common trend Application defect Milk powders. Many times these powders become too dispersed due to sweat or don’t serve their purpose and an unsightly shine appears. That’s exactly what happened to the actor with this beauty look. A great low updo to highlight facial features. An outfit marked by a red tone like her dress A soft glow And an eye shadow in the same line. The problem comes down to what we’re talking about: using too much powder will prevent the spotlights from ruining that beauty look.

Grace VanderWaal’s Awkward Eyeshadow

We’re continuing in the US, unlike what’s happening in Europe, where they’ve had scheduled premieres. We stopped in New York where they presented ‘Stargirl’ starring Grace VanderWaal, which really stood out on the red carpet.

Grace VanderWaal with starry eyeshadowGrace VanderWaal with starry eyeshadow

The young actress decided that it was her big night and she wanted to stand out above all else. How did he do it? With her makeup, the very uncomfortable makeup definitely caused some problems, or at least discomfort when she blinked.

And VanderWaal decided to go for eyeshadow. with a Very light base Makeup and a discreet blush, the artist completed her makeup with a star-shaped diamond eyeshadow, and of course, it was absolutely impossible to go unnoticed, she didn’t even need mascara!

Alessandra Ambrosio’s dirty hair

Alessandra Ambrosio with dirty hairAlessandra Ambrosio with dirty hair

Leaving the red carpets behind, we take a look at Alessandra Ambrosio’s beauty looks. This is not the first time, the second time, or the third time that celebrities have been caught like other people. Leaving home with unwashed hair And try to hide it A high ponytail.

That’s exactly what Ambrosio was trying to do, but he didn’t count on a paparazzi loose on the streets of Santa Monica. It is true that he was wearing sports clothes, but the fact is that he did not go out or go to the gym.

‘ while drinking delicious coffee with the top was doing some work. Washed face ‘. This makes a lot of sense when returning home after running some quick errands. The problem came when her hair was so dirty she tried to hide it with a high ponytail, but the lack of brushing made it obvious what the truth was.

Rita Ora’s Messy Hair

Rita Ora's Rebel RootsRita Ora’s Rebel Roots

Singer Rita Ora, in addition to music, is a reference to the amazing outfits she chooses for events and performances. In turn the artist strolls through the streets Notting Hill As a beauty, the upgrade isn’t great. While the white pantsuit he’s wearing is great, the hairstyle is a give away A neglected filmEspecially because of the marked roots and wet effect that looks like dirt.

You need to be especially careful with the highlights, especially as time goes by, the highlighted roots have their peak and take care of the hair even if it has a trend. Updos are not good allies when dealing with these issues because they make the scalp look too much.

Katie Holmes fails at getting her hair done

Katie Holmes with a disheveled lookKatie Holmes with a disheveled look

Once again actress Katie Holmes is one of the stars of the week for her aesthetic mistakes. On this occasion the interpreter who gave life to Joey in the small screen series ‘ Dawson grows up Makes a hair look that turns out to be a complete mistake. An updo, the preparation is clearly wrong, leaving some strands loose and not using hairpins to give the hairstyle the appropriate shape suggests a major failure.

Something understandable if you don’t take into account that the makeup Holmes creates is so simple, if not nil, that the rest of the beauty is a complete disaster. As a complement, the artist chooses two-tone square-shaped sunglasses to hide a potentially awkward face. In such cases, if you don’t want to style your hair, it’s best to do an update, but properly, and hydrate your skin well. The chain is highlighted as an accessory in gold, an accessory already seen on other outfits of the celebrity.

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