Alternatives to plastic at home

Small steps, such as using reusable materials such as fabric or metal, can reduce plastic consumption in homes.

Fortunately, every day more and more people realize the need recycle and reduce plastic which are consumed because it is a material that is not easily reused and is not biodegradable, causing it to pollute more than the other and cause harm to the environment and all living things that inhabit it.

Therefore, not only large companies and institutions must make efforts to reduce the use of this material in their production, but each of us must reduce our consumption of plastic so that less of it is produced and so that we can eliminate it from our production. life, gradually and with alternatives which do not harm the environment and animals.

Reusable bottles are an alternative to plastic ones.Reusable bottles are an alternative to plastic ones.

You may not be fully aware of the large amount of plastic we consume in our daily lives. It is therefore important that you begin to truly understand this situation in order to be able to find the necessary alternatives in order to make the world a better placenot only for the creatures that currently inhabit it, but also for future generations who will have to live in it and who do not deserve to pay for the wrongs committed by their predecessors, for do not recycle, reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials and do not care about planet Earth as would be necessary.

How to reduce your plastic use at home

Fabric bags

There are many supermarkets and other businesses that are starting refuse plastic bags their establishments. Thus, the consumption of this material is reduced and you can purchase one of the paper or fabric options, which are a better alternative. However, if you want to save money and don’t want to buy one of these bags every time you go shopping, you can take it with you. reusable fabric bag From home or a typical car for life, so you don’t have to carry the entire weight of the bags on your arms or back.

Reusable cups and bottles

Some establishments will give you a discount if you bring your own your own reusable mug or thermos from home, where you can be served your favorite drink. The only drawback is that You must wash the container in which you were served.but you can take your drink wherever you want and will also help eliminate the use of materials such as plastic and paper, supporting the cause of smarter consumption.

Fabric bags are an alternative to plastic and paper.Fabric bags are an alternative to plastic and paper.

You can do the same with water bottles what’s in your house. Instead of buying plastic ones for individual use, opt for buy glass or metal, materials that can keep it as fresh or at room temperature as you like, that can be easily cleaned, and that won’t be disposable. You will also find many other drinks in the market that can be purchased in a glass bottle or other plastic alternative. They may not be as economical, but little by little we can convince big companies to choose other materials and we can all take care of the planet together.


When preparing snacks for the kids or lunches for work, you can use an alternative to aluminum foil or plastic wrap. You will find waterproof cloth bags or handkerchiefs Many stores have kitchen supplies for packaging food and reducing waste. Except, can be easily washedso you can extend its life and save money.

When you go to the supermarket or shopping, especially for fruits and vegetables, avoid taking those that are individually wrapped in plastic. Some supermarkets even exclusion of plastic bags in these sections, since many people abused them. Previously, markets added fruits and vegetables. straight to cart from the customer after weighing and charging, so this system could be brought back, reducing and avoiding the widespread use of plastic bags to purchase these products.

home stuff

To organize toilets and different rooms in the house, there are people who choose plastic boxes to keep everything well organized. However, in decor and furniture stores you can find the same options in cardboard or wooden boxeswhose materials are less harmful to the environment, and you will again avoid consuming plastic at home.

Plastic boxes for storing clothes can be replaced with wooden, fabric or bamboo.Plastic boxes for storing clothes can be replaced with wooden, fabric or bamboo.

If you look closely, you will find many items that we use in our daily life at home that are made of plastic, such as drinking straws, plates and cereal containers, such as plastic utensils, etc. So we can also change all these tools to other. lightweight and easy to clean, like bamboo, wood or metal. Just try to gradually implement these changes at home, and also make sure that you recycle the plastic you get rid of, and that everyone in the family understands the importance of reducing the use of plastic in our lives for the benefit of everyone. .

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