Angela Bones becomes the new Pantene girl

Miz has become the new Pantene girl to show off her hair after hooking up with Mario Vaquerizo.

With the addition of Winnie Harlow to the ranks of Victoria’s Secret Angels, we applaud. are evolving, almost parallel to the majority of society. Another emerging brand is Pantene Breathtaking territory. A few months ago he started using Mario Vagurizou as a film Encourage your hairline. And now he’s done it again, and he’s gone out again.

Angela Ponce is the new ambassador for Pelo PanteneAngela Ponce is the new ambassador for Pelo Pantene

Bet on DiversityThe beauty brand announced the integration of the model on its social networks Angela Ponce to his group of messengers. She was the first transgender woman to become Miss Universe Spain, arguing that any hair can be Pantene hair with this signature. “The color, shape and styling of our hair Says a lot about us It is a way of showing the world who we are and what we are like. My hair is my brand ” says Bones.

Ms Made history She became the first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe 2018 in Europe and around the world. The classic industry standards of his candidacy ended and opened a new gap. Equality and Diversity. After participating in one of the most important beauty events in the world, Bones became an attractive concept for famous designers. Madrid Fashion Week.

A new Pantene era

It’s no wonder Pantene wanted to trust her on this track. It gives opportunity to its ambassadors Mario Vaquerizo, Paula Echevarria, Angela Molina, Maria Castro, Berta Vasquez, Miriam Giovanelli and Angela Ponce. Fulfill one of your dreams Childhood. “As people who know me already know, hair is a thing Very important for me Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have long hair like I saw in commercials,” she said on her Instagram profile.

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