Animal foster care: what to do if you want to become a foster family

Being a foster carer is easy, you just need to take into account some important steps to decide how and when to do it.

Working in a shelter is a very necessary and important job to save lives because yes, when people are a shelter, they save lives. When you have an animal, whether it’s a dog or a cat, it’s important to give it love, care, and confidence until it finds a forever home. This work helps relieve pressure on shelters that are often overwhelmed with so many animals. and makes it easier for your pet to find a family.

Shelters play a very important role in a dog's life.Shelters play a very important role in a dog’s life.

Sometimes being a foster family determines whether an animal will survive or die on the streetit is a wonderful experience to see an animal grow, develop and leave behind its trauma and fear, but also It’s a difficult experienceespecially at the moment of saying goodbye, since from one moment to another the pet will be gone and saying goodbye to him forever can be difficult, but you have to think that this is for the greater good and so that he has a real family in which I gave him everything the love you gave him.

Animals that need you most

This is probably what advocates will ask you about most if you decide to embark on this experience. caring for newborn puppies, older dogs or sick animals and for this type of pets, shelters are not the best place for them, as they need care and attention, which, due to the large number of animals in the shelter, they cannot give them, leaving room for the possibility of their deterioration. or they may even die due to lack of attention, especially during the coldest time of the year.

This is why being a foster family and helping advocates is so important. Although this is a difficult experience, it is also It is very usefulyou will be able to see how, thanks to your help, the animal recovers from illness, regains trust in the person and gradually becomes happy and moves forward, communicates and plays with other people and animals.

Every dog ​​has different care needs that need to be taken into account.Every dog ​​has different care needs that need to be taken into account.

Characteristics and needs of animals that need foster care

  • bottle puppies : These are animals under one month of age (almost always dogs) who need to drink a bottle every three hours because their mother is not around to give them breast milk, either because the puppy was abandoned or because it died. Adopt such a small dog you need to have more free time. They are not vaccinated, so they cannot go outside, that is, they will relieve themselves inside your home, so you should know about this before adopting this pet.
  • Puppies : These are animals between 1 and 12 months of age. Are dogs are very active, so they can break some things and you will need you to teach them how to behave both inside and outside the house, that is, teach them not to bite clothes, shoes, go about their business outside, communicate with other animals and people, etc.
  • Adults : Dogs between 1 and 8 years of age who may have already experienced a traumatic situation at home or a situation that caused them be distrustful or that you don’t like to communicate. For this reason, It is very important that you are the one who gives them the trust and affection they need. To be happy again is one of the great jobs being done in foster care.
  • Old/senior : These are dogs from 7 to 8 years old. This dogs who are less likely to be adopted and therefore take longer to find a family. However, these are animals that things are worse for them at the shelter, especially during the winter months. Interestingly, they are the ones who take the longest to accept They are the most obedientbecause due to their age they are already well-mannered and very calm.
  • Sick : These pets can be of any age, and the biggest need they have is for someone to take care of them. after operation. These greetings are special because The connection with the animal is strongerthey need a lot of dedication in terms of treatment and medications, as well as several visits to the vet, which the shelter will pay for.

Aspects to consider

Most shelters are willing to leave their animals in the care of anyone, but you must be prepared for what you will experience. Being a shelter for a dog is not the same as being a shelter for a cat. And of course, being a foster for an older dog is not the same as being a foster for a sick dog or a puppy. The latter will require more time and attention than the former because you can’t leave them alone for when they find a new home and require some prior knowledge and experience.

Shelters are usually responsible for the cost of caring for the dog.Shelters are usually responsible for the cost of caring for the dog.

Besides, The shelter will cover the costs associated with the animal.. You can cooperate with them if you wish, depending on the level of involvement you want to maintain, however, this will usually be fully covered by the defender.

If you have finally decided to become a foster family, all you have to do is walk up to any shelter or contact them by phone or email, they You will be provided with a questionnaire and depending on your characteristics and what you ask for, you will be assigned an animal that you will have to care for for an indefinite period of time.

Although many people are hesitant to become a foster family for fear of becoming attached to an animal and then having a bad time when it’s gone, we should try not to be selfish, and even if we feel bad when it goes, our work makes up for that suffering because , as we said at the beginning, we save lives by giving them another chance, so don’t hesitate and Dare to become a foster family.

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