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In the fall, it is important to prune trees and plants to prepare them for the harsh winter that can weaken them.

Trees with strong trunks or falling yellowish leaves are some of the images we usually associate with autumn. However, we must not only keep this idyllic and emotional image in our heads; but you must keep in mind that, If you have a large tree or bush in your gardenit’s time to prepare them for winter.

Autumn pruning is necessary for trees and other plants, because if it is done incorrectly, there is a high probability that they will not only not be able to survive the winter, but that they cause a considerable amount of material and even human destruction. as a consequence of the fall of its weakened branches. But which trees need to be pruned? And above all, how to do it right?

What to prune in the fall is one of the most common questions among gardeners.What to prune in the fall is one of the most common questions among gardeners.

What needs to be trimmed in the fall?

We usually associate pruning with tall trees, but if you’ve recently moved into a home with a small garden, you should know that there are many other types of vegetables that who must also go through this inevitable process. This applies to fruit trees and even lawns, which you may not have imagined would need to be tended for the last time (namely at the end of the season) in the fall. because in this way in winter he will receive oxygen better And when spring comes, you will be able to greet it with a fresh and well-groomed greenish lawn.

The same thing happens with bonsai, small trees whose presence in homes has recently increased and which, despite the fact that due to its size it can be confused with a plantThey require the same care as any other tree. For this reason, they should also be pruned in the fall, although in this case you will have to wait until the right moment to prune. In other words, bonsai don’t usually heal from cuts as easily as other large trees and will therefore only need to be pruned when the leaves are continually falling off. Well, it will only be when I’m ready.

In the fall, the grass needs to be cut for the last time so that it receives more oxygen in winter.In the fall, the grass needs to be cut for the last time so that it receives more oxygen in winter.

Types of pruning

Branches are without a doubt the greatest risk to a tree, both to itself and to the outside world. Why for yourself? Because, if dry or half-fallen ones are not cleaned and eliminated, they will deplete all the energy needed for winter and therefore will not allow it to withstand the low temperatures at this time of year and the sufficient amount of light needed to survive. So, the first thing you need to do when pruning in autumn is to trim those branches that They can cause some blockage to the air circulation and energy of the tree. but yes, very carefully.

The type of cut will depend on the type of wood we are dealing with. If it is small, then a rectangular cut will be enough, but if the height is large enough, like those that usually occupy public roads, the work becomes a little more complicated, and then you will have to turn to professionals. Now, before you start pruning, you must take into account the two purposes for which it is done. On the one hand, this is maintenance pruning, which we have already talked about and which, in essence, consists of removing those branches or unnecessary elements that interfere with the activity of the tree and may even pose a danger to you or other people and, on the other hand, C on the other hand, there is training trimming. That is, what is done in order to give shape to our tree or simply modify an existing one.

Pruning is done to heal the tree and ensure its survival.Pruning is done to heal the tree and ensure its survival.

In any case, we recommend that if you have a garden with large trees and you think it is time to prune them, you contact a specialist team. And there are many risks (such as burns, scratches or serious falls from great heights) that a person who is an expert in this matter constantly faces, so the complexity and The level of danger logically increases if you do not master the technology perfectly..

Tips for pruning day

We usually confuse pruning with cutting down, but we must keep in mind that pruning is not just pruning and the main purpose for which it is done is to heal the tree and ensure its survival. For this, The first thing to keep in mind is that this should not be done on a rainy humidity is one of the major obstacles to pruning and therefore it is better to avoid such weather conditions if we want the pruning to be successful.

However, carrying out this procedure in any other weather also increases the risk of fungi growing on our trees after pruning, so to prevent them, it is necessary to apply a special paste to these cuts, which will act as a healing agent (or wounds) that have been made during pruning and which, as we have already mentioned, will prevent infections on the tree.

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