Baptism and baby shower gifts

Are you about to be invited to a baby shower or baptism, but still don’t know what to give? We give you some ideas to help you hit the nail on the head.

The arrival of a new member in the family It is always synonymous with happiness and excitement.. A feeling that infects both the parents themselves and future grandparents, cousins ​​and uncles and ultimately results in numerous gifts and celebrations with friends and family. From the last children’s holidays to baptisms, Upon arrival, it is customary for guests to present their future child with some details.. A commitment that often proves to be a real challenge for those who find it difficult to make the right choice.

Before the birth of a child, it is customary to have a baby shower.Before the birth of a child, it is customary to have a baby shower.

Thus, and as a first piece of advice, it’s much easier to ask future parents in such cases, you need to find the right thing, since they are the ones who sometimes create a gift list that includes something they still need or would be happy if someone close to them gave it to them. However, in exceptional cases and if you prefer to be more original in your choice, think of something special that the family might like without asking In such cases it is considered most suitable. However, to offer advice to those uncles, cousins, and grandparents who are having a hard time making a decision, below we present a short list of baby shower and baptism ideas.

Gift ideas for children’s parties

For several years now, celebrate the birth of your unborn child with a baby shower This too seems to have become entrenched among the traditions of our country. It is said that even in Egyptian and Roman times, this holiday also gained significance when a new child was born into the family and was characterized by offerings to the mother. Currently, It has always been much more related to American traditions than to Spanish ones. although little by little he managed to establish himself among us. As for its celebration, it can be held both before and after childbirth, depending on the person responsible for organizing it.

You can celebrate the birth of a child both before and afterYou can celebrate the birth of a child both before and after

Here are some gift ideas for this holiday:

  • Take it easy: diapers and/or creams. For many, this will seem stupid or something out of the ordinary, but the truth is that you can use this idea when you don’t know what to give. This will also appeal to future parents.. For many families, the birth of a new son or daughter means spending the most money, so helping them with the basic and necessary things to care for their future child will also make them happy. Of course, to make it something special, Use original ideas, for example, cream baskets with plush toys or parts, “cakes” made from diapers, etc.
  • Baby plush: Of course, the celebration of a children’s holiday takes place several weeks before the birth of a new family member. This will be the moment whenPreparations are in full swing, we finalize the details and decorate the future baby’s room with children’s motifs. A stuffed toy is always a good way to surprise your parents if you can find the right one. Considering the colors and theme of your bedroom (if you have one) will help you find the perfect stuffed animal.
  • Baby clothes: A recurring idea, but it’s not always an easy task for everyone. This is perhaps one of the most personal gifts you can give to expectant parents because Having the right style becomes the most important requirement for them to like it.. To do this, it is important to know their tastes perfectly and know what they would really like for someone close to them to give them. Avoiding unwanted profits is always synonymous with success.
  • Children’s stories: reading from an early age enriches thought. While it is true that when they are little, books are reduced to drawings and interactive images, the truth is that turning to such a gift is always a guaranteed success. All in all, Everyone usually likes to teach children to read from birth., first decorating the shelves in your room and then becoming a part of game nights and reading nights. Choose simple stories in which the child, as he grows older, can interact with the story itself.
  • light projector: Ensuring that babies sleep in the house is one of the most important functions of future parents. For example, a light projector will make your baby’s sleep more peaceful and restful thanks to the combination of light and shapes that the device projects onto the ceiling of the room. Moreover, many of them They are accompanied by music or sounds which in most cases manage to calm babies’ sleep. A very cute idea that will hit the spot at any children’s party.
Sometimes the initiative is more important than the gift itself.Sometimes the initiative is more important than the gift itself.

Christening gift ideas

If you think about the options for this kind of celebration, then with regard to children’s parties everything may change a little, although it is true that in many cases initiative and details are important than what is actually given. Thus, and on the occasion of the recent birth of a child, people usually prefer to give things that are much more practical or more meaningful, asking the parents first what they need most or what they still need to have.

  • Personalized baby underwear: This may be one of the most popular resources when it comes to baptism gifts, although the truth is that you will be surprised to see the number of original options that exist to move away from the common baby basket. Of course, prices vary greatly from one to the next, depending on what you want included, although we recommend finding the most special parts you can find. You can also create it yourself from scratch.
  • Set “My first cutlery”: The first acquaintance is always a reason to remember such cases. Something as simple as cutlery can be one of the most special details of a baptism. providing some personalized feature that makes it even more special. In the end, it’s the small, well-thought-out details that stick in your memory.
  • high chair: as soon as parents manage to purchase furniture, food and small items necessary to welcome the newborn, It’s time to think about or ask about these other needs what else will they have to buy? And a high chair is usually one of them.
  • Children’s jewelry: We all remember those bracelets or necklaces that our grandparents or uncles gave us when we were little and our parents used to put on us on special occasions. If you have a close connection with a new family member, we advise you to opt for gifts of this type, since they tend to celebrate both parents and children. A medal or bracelet with the name of the newborn are two of the most popular options in such cases.
  • children’s park: Like the highchair, the park crib is also one of those options with which you will also succeed at the christening, although we advise you first of all make sure they don’t already have it. One of those practical resources that babies love most in the house in the first months of life.

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