Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Mariah Pompeo rock the best beauty looks of the week

Fashionistas face the last week of February with determination, but above all, with the glamor surrounding the most important events of these days.

The High class social events Complete the short February Paris Fashion Week 2020 between them, and It’s women They come with dresses from the most popular brands with a beauty look that will make them shine at every party.

Bella Hadid in nature

Bella Hadid surprises again with her beauty looksBella Hadid surprises again with her beauty looks

This week is packed Movement and work Everyone in the fashion world is tough, from designers to models and guests. But, without a doubt, the beautiful Hadid sisters did not rest at home almost from show to show and from Milan to Paris. But despite this, both of them try to be amazing and innocent in every event. The youngest of them, Bella Hadid, attended the exhibition Harper’s BazaarAn event that is part of Paris Fashion Week 2020, once again grabbed the spotlight.

The girl chooses a more relaxed beauty look parts They become protagonists. Dangle earrings with spherical shapes and detailing in fine rhinestones offer calmness and coolness. delicacy Image of the influencer. Makeup is smooth and precise, and achieves that A ‘washed face’ effect It leads the trends of the moment with an almost invisible fringe and pearl lipstick in a nude tone that simulates the model’s typical complexion. The lower Apto manages to maintain it with a slight backcombing at the top Elegant appearance For Millimeter, Hadid earns a spot in this week’s best beauty looks.

Karlie Kloss’s make-up is unspeakable

Karlie Kloss was stunning at the Dior showKarlie Kloss was stunning at the Dior show

Karlie Kloss She cannot be trusted with a vivid beauty, the symmetry of her face and the combination of the blue of her eyes and the brown of her hair achieves. To win hearts Well known fashionistas. Companies at the level of Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein counted on her for ad campaigns and fashion shows, in addition to starring on covers like InStyle or Vogue. On this occasion, the American became the center of attention thanks to the impeccable beauty look she wore at the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 fashion show. Dior.

Exuding the personality of the celebrity, she opts for a subdued make-up. Improves your features Following the ‘no makeup’ trend. Use a subtle highlighter in a pearly tone that, along with the pink color of blusher, brings your face to life in a natural way. Choice of colors. Low improvisation shapes her features and is undoubtedly a song for the years when Glass devoted herself entirely to classical dance. No detail is left to chance, everything in the look is part of the equation Parts selected by model They are a clear example: gold hoop earrings with geometric details with two small triangular crystals on her ears.

Mariah Pompeo and her impeccable beauty looks

Maria Pompeo doesn't miss the new installment of 'Vyazeras Khan B'Maria Pompeo doesn’t miss the new installment of ‘Vyazeras Khan B’

From influencer to influencer, back to it One of the Spanish women Takes one of the best beauty looks of the week. Maria Pombo It has a very striking and relaxed style, in which mini dresses and lipsticks in soft tones carry more weight. But all these basics work perfectly for the celebrity, ‘You just have to see the makeup she’s wearing at the premiere of the fourth season. Passengers with B ‘.

Pombo chooses tile tonTo create a trend, never goes out of style Soft shade She uses it on the lower part to open up her look and highlight her hazel eyes. Color details like blush and lipstick can be changed with eyeshadow Best partner Because, when done well, it adds balance and symmetry to the image. The mid-length hair that the Madrid native rocked at the end of 2019 was styled with small waves, with which she covered it up. Relaxed lookPerfect for a premiere.

Jessica Goicocchia takes a risk in orange

Jessica Goicocchia is enjoying her last days in MilanJessica Goicocchia is enjoying her last days in Milan

We move from one obvious beauty to another with undeniable and fascinating features. Fashion guru Jessica Goikocchia has been missing from February’s top beauty looks. And the influencer used the last day of Milan Fashion Week to enjoy its streets and entertainment spots with her partner River Viberi before heading to Paris Fashion Week.

The model wears a high bun, the most common accessory in her look, with her hair ‘wet effect’. This type of hairstyle allows makeup to be very clear and accessories are gaining importance. The lightness and contour of the face is always exceptional, proving once again that this is one Queens of contouring. But a detail that should not be overlooked Use of orange color In your eye shadow. The Instagrammer extends the look by using shade from the tear duct and goes with it with a slightly warmer range on the cheeks.

Elena Rivera says yes to glitter

Elena Rivera's Innocent Style Beauty LookElena Rivera’s Innocent Style Beauty Look

actress Elena Rivera Attending an event leaves no one indifferent. Surprise them with their looks, hairstyles or makeup, the one who always achieves A flattering and characteristic image. The Spaniard, who was one of the guests at Ex Premios Mujer Hoy, was, of course, not the winner of the awards, but the actress attracted attention with the dangerous ones. Spectacular beauty look He also attended.

The Deep red tones They are great for adding that touch of elegance to a look. In this case, the artist chooses a warm color that is somewhere between red and burgundy. Cream coating It increases the density of your lips. Make-up base is almost invisible, using a little blush on the cheekbones to mimic the blush on the actress’ cheeks and a compact powder to block shine. What makes this look special is the silver and blue pigment detailing on the tear duct, which recent fashion shows have seen using various embellishments. As for the hairstyle, it can only be said that it is a Success in capital lettersA half-updo with wavy hair enhances the innocent air of Rivera’s makeup.

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