Benefits of Melon for Skin

Melon can be used in masks and creams or directly on the skin to absorb all its vitamins and benefit from all its properties.

Melon is one of the best summer fruits along with watermelon. But it is one of the favorite fruits with the arrival of high temperature, it is a The best hydration partner. It is a food with numerous benefits that hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing. By consuming it daily or by making simple face masks, you can help your skin in the best possible way. We tell you what are its main advantages and how to get the best summer fruits.

Melon benefits

If there is one thing that is undoubtedly clear, it is that Melon is one of the fruits with high water content. So it is a very useful element for the skin. Watermelon is approximately 80% water. Because of this, it is a very low calorie food. 100 grams of melon contains only 30 calories. A great choice for intense beach days that will hydrate you directly and instantly without adding a few extra kilos. A Thanksgiving meal that will leave your skin glowing At the time of showing a large body.

The properties of melon keep our skin hydratedThanks to the properties of melon, our skin stays hydrated
  • Melon helps eliminate toxins and improves bowel function.
  • It is a fruit in which A High levels of vitamin AResponsible among others for dry mucous membranes.
  • In addition, it contains vitamin E, which is one of the main antagonists Cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • Due to its detoxifying properties, it is a natural product to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin.
  • All of them are features that reflect directly on the skin.

Melon properties

One of the well-known properties of melon, we should not forget, is that it acts as a diuretic food. A mild laxative. Thanks to this generally known benefit, many experts recommend taking a few melons on an empty stomach for a week to cleanse the body and improve the appearance of the skin, making it more healthy and radiant. In terms of health, its another benefit Prevents arthritis and gout and high cholesterol levels.

Eating melon gives our skin glowEating melon gives our skin glow

Uses of Melon in Beauty Treatment

Melon is a common ingredient in a large number of masks, creams and facials. Similarly, if we eat fruits for 15 minutes on the skin, there are many improvements in our skin immediately. The skin is smooth, quickly hydrated and tones in different areas. This is the recommended treatment To prevent wrinklesIts main reaction when in contact with the skin is youthfulness for a long time.

Homemade Melon Face Mask

Hydration provided by a homemade face mask with melon It is a very effective home remedy to fight dryness and redness Summer skin irritation from direct sunlight and pool chlorine. The most effective way to make a face mask at home is as follows:

  1. First you need to clean your face thoroughly.
  2. Then you should Separate the melon from the skin and seedsAnd grind it as much as possible with a blender or a mortar.
  3. Once it becomes as thin as possible, apply the mask on your face and leave it for twenty minutes.
  4. Then remove the mixture with plenty of water and enjoy the immediate effects on the skin.
Melon prevents small wrinkles from appearing on our faceMelon prevents small wrinkles from appearing on our face

Melon strengthens the skin

Melon is a fruit that helps fight lethargy as it has an astringent effect. You can fight the ugly appearance of your legs, arms or neck with the help of this precious fruit. As with many features, The best way is prevention That’s why we recommend using a home-made melon treatment to delay sagging as much as possible. In addition to the procedure, at least three times a week, it is good Consumption of this food For all the benefits mentioned above.

Melon is anti-sagging

The first option we propose against sagging is based on melon only. A treatment that is easily done:

  1. A quarter of this juicy fruit is all you need.
  2. Next you need to extract the pulp and grind it at maximum power until it is A pulpy appearance.
  3. Once it’s completely ready, apply it to the specific area you want to improve.

    Leave it for at least twenty minutes.

  4. Once this time has passed Rinse the area with warm water To get the best results in the most effective way.
Melon is the best partner to remove spots from the skinMelon is the best partner to remove spots from the skin

Melon’s best partner when it comes to slacking is apples with oats. That’s why we propose a second home treatment that you should try as soon as possible:

  1. All you need is a slice of melon, half an apple and a spoonful of oats.
  2. The way to prepare the mixture is very simple, getting the melon pulp without seeds or peel and peeling the apple beforehand.
  3. You need to mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous paste.
  4. There is also a way to use it as a treatment based only on melon. Apply it on the treated area and remove it after twenty minutes..
  5. In this case you should rinse it with cold water.
Cantaloupe melon is one of the most popularCantaloupe melon is one of the most popular

Cantaloupe is one of the most popular types of melon

We conclude our review of the benefits of melon by talking about a specific type of this fruit, the cantaloupe. In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, it has Additional antioxidants such as zeaxanthin and beta-caroteneWith the arrival of summer, it filters out the sun rays that are harmful to health and skin, which is a feature of special relevance.

This type of melon Contains cholineIt is a nutrient that helps our body in various very important aspects Sleep, muscle movement and memory. In the field of beauty, it also absorbs fat and reduces swelling of the arteries. Try Cantaloupe Melon and don’t miss out on the incredible instant benefits.

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