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Non-polluting renewable energy sources are thriving, and the cost of this type of energy is much cheaper than the cost of non-renewable energy sources.

Coal, oil or gas It’s a fossil fuel which are created from dead plants and animals over millions of years, making these resources be limited and prices keep rising Morehence the importance of looking for other alternatives more economical and of course, do no harm Wednesday. That’s why resources Renewable Energy They are becoming more and more popular. Energy sources such as fossil or nuclear are considered energy sources. Non-renewable Well, they are running out, and the environmental impact is completely negative.

Water falling from a certain height generates kinetic energy.Water falling from a certain height generates kinetic energy.

Currently, energy consumption is one of the largest progress and well-being counters who may have a joint venture. When energy sources supplying cities and towns become depleted or become more expensive, we talk about energy crisisthat’s why alternative plans are created, because these energies Non-renewable someday they will end.

It is also necessary to consider that renewable energy sources can be divided into two categories; in non-polluting and polluting. Firstly stand out:

  • Aeolian energy
  • geothermal energy
  • Hydraulic power
  • tidal energy
  • Solar energy
  • pollutants are obtained from organic matter or biomass and can be used as fuel, regardless of whether they are converted into bioethanol or biogasthrough organic or biodiesel fermentation processes.

    What are renewable energy sources

    They are called Renewable Energyor those also called green energies to those that are sources of energy that they don’t end and they too good for the environment, that is, they do not pollute the environment. These energy sources they don’t produce waste it could be contamination.

    Best Renewable Energy Sources

    That’s why, best renewable energy sources They are the eco-friendly ones mentioned above.

    Solar panels absorb heat from the sunSolar panels absorb heat from the sun
  1. Solar energy. As this word suggests, energy comes from the Sun in the form electromagnetic radiation. Solar radiation reaches the Earth and is transformed. To collect this energy, solar panels have been developed and are responsible for converting this energy. Renewable Energy. These panels act like a mirror, absorbing and concentrating solar heat, transferring it to liquids and conducting it through pipes to its use.
  2. Wind energy. Definitely, aeolian energy It is one of the best sources of renewable energy. ecologically pure. There are countless wind farms installed around the world. This energy works through wind, which is used to spin huge blades, which in turn spin turbines located inside the generator.
  3. Geothermal energy. This type of energy is produced by heat existing in the lower layers of the Earth. geothermal energy can be obtained through complex systemsbut the most common way is through tubes that stick into the grounda, through which water circulates, which, when heated, turns into steam, and that, in turn, into energy.

    What speaks in favor of this energy is that it is present throughout the planet and is not limited to just certain countries, such as fossil fuel, so it is classified as clean renewable energy. Although this energy releases some pollutants like hydrogen sulfide but it does not cause any damage to the environment as it occurs at very low levels.

  4. Hydraulic energy. This energy is produced thanks to water currents or that water has accumulated in tanks due to dam creation. Obviously, the contained water will not have energy potentialbut, however, if a dam is opened and released from a certain height, it generates kinetic energy, that is, energy that is generated due to movement and later becomes electricity.
    Tidal energy uses turbines located underwater to produce energy.Tidal energy uses turbines located underwater to produce energy.

    hydraulic power Counts cleanbecause it does not generate waste and as long as there is somewhere to accumulate this water, will be inexhaustible. It must be taken into account that weather They can play a negative role, since when there is scanty rainfall, a sufficient amount of water does not accumulate in reservoirs.

  5. Sea water energy. Thanks to the movement created by tide tidal energy is created. This energy is used some turbines located inside the water, which move in the same way as the mechanics of an alternator generating electricity. This device is connected to a central station on land, which distributes energy.

    Without consuming fossil elements and not produce any gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, tidal energy is believed to clean energy And renewable. Installation of this type of device to generate this energy is carried out in deep rivers or estuaries. from river to oceanto take advantage of the current.

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