Canon 200d: Cheapest Canon DSLR Review

Camera Review: Canon 200d in Hindi

The Canon 200d (Canon EOS Rebel SL2) is Canon’s cheapest entry-level DSLR with 24 megapixels currently available in India. You can consider it a direct competitor to the Nikon D3500 and both offer equal competition in every aspect, except that the Canon 200d has a 360-degree rotating rear LCD touchscreen and also has Wi-Fi, which is absent on the D3500.

You won’t notice any practical difference between the two in terms of image quality. But the D3500’s low-light performance and image sharpness are slightly better than the 200d’s. The D3500’s sensor size is also slightly larger than the 200d’s.

Wi-Fi isn’t much of an advantage in image sharing (the D3500 has Bluetooth for this), but the 200d’s rear LCD touch screen is fully rotatable. This greatly increases the ease of use of the camera. But for the convenience of a rotating rear touchscreen and Wi-Fi, you’ll have to pay more than the D3500.

Let’s take a look at the best entry level ones. Canon canon dslr 200d About the technical features of-

Image sensor

Resolution: 24 megapixels (24 MP)

Size: 14.9 × 22.3 mm. (APS-C, dx)

Camera size

Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.7 inches (122 x 93 x 70 mm)

Weight: 668 grams (including 18-55mm kit lens and battery)

Photo format


Photo size

6000 x 4000 pixels (24.0 megapixels, 3:2),
3984 x 2656 pixels (10.6 megapixels, 3:2),
2976 x 1984 pixels (5.9 megapixels, 3:2),
2400 x 1600 pixels (3.8 megapixels, 3:2),
6000 x 3368 pixels (20.2 megapixels, 16:9),
3984 x 2240 pixels (8.9 megapixels, 16:9),
2976 x 1680 pixels (5.0 megapixels)
2400 x 1344 pixels (3.2 megapixels)
5328 x 4000 pixels (21.3 megapixels, 4:3),
3552 x 2664 pixels (9.5 megapixels, 4:3),
2656 x 1992 pixels (5.3 megapixels, 4:3),
2112 x 1600 pixels (3.4 megapixels)
4000 x 4000 pixels (16.0 megapixels, 1:1),
2656 x 2656 pixels (7.1 megapixels, 1:1),
1984 x 1984 pixels (3.9 megapixels, 1:1),
1600 x 1600 pixels (2.6 megapixels, 1:1)

Video size

1920×1080 (60p/50p/30p/25p/24p)
1280×720 (60p/50p/30p/25p)
640×480 (30p/25p)

Kit lens that comes with the camera

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

Auto focus

There are 9 focus points in total, with only 1 being a crosshair.

(with auto focus assist light)

Frame rate (photos/second)

5 frames per second (for both JPEG and RAW)

In continuous shooting mode The camera can take 5 continuous photos in one second.

rear display

3-inch rear display with a resolution of 1,040,000 dots or 345,600 pixels


Coverage 95%, magnification 0.87 times

Exposure to infection

Shutter speed :1/4000 – 30 seconds

ISO : 100 – 25600

White Balance: Auto (Ambience/White Priority), Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, White Fluorescent, Flash, Custom

Creative mode

Scene Intelligent Auto, Flash Off, Creative Auto, Special Scenes (Portrait, Group Photo, Landscape, Sports, Children, Close-Up, Food, Candlelight, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control) , Creative filters (Grainy B/ W, Soft Focus, Fish Eye, Water Painting, Toy Camera, Miniature, HDR Art (Standard/Vivid/Bold/Emboss)


10 seconds, 2 seconds, 2-10 shots after 10 seconds

Built-in pop-up flash

Guide number: 9.8 m / 32.2 ft (that is, the camera can view objects up to approximately 10 meters)

Max Flash Sync: : 1/200 (For example, a maximum shutter speed of 1/200 s can be set when shooting with a flash.)

Battery life

On a full charge – shoot up to 650 still images.


Canon has kept the prices offered for cameras on their website as follows –

Rs. ₹55,695 – Camera + 2 lenses (18-55mm lens + 55-250mm lens)

You can definitely get this camera at a lower price from local dealers in your city or on online shopping websites.

If you are buying a DSLR for the first time and have decided on the Canon brand, this camera will be a great choice for you. This best entry-level Canon DSLR, the Canon 200d, is a powerful camera in a small body. It uses the same image sensor that Canon uses in its expensive professional DX cameras. So you are entitled to the same beautiful, excellent quality photos from this camera.

You can use 9 autofocus points when shooting with the 200d. Canon’s 9-point autofocus system is very fast and completely reliable. Of the 9, there is a focus sensor, 1 is a cross-type (center) type.

With a maximum frame rate of 5 frames/second, the camera can capture 5 continuous images in one second. In normal action shooting situations This camera allows you to capture movements and gestures. of objects quickly

On this camera, you will see a ‘rear display screen’ in the form of a rotating touch screen. Just like the display screen of a video camera. It opens from the camera body and rotates in any direction. This feature is especially useful for you if you are shooting in live mode instead of viewfinder. The screen can rotate 360 ​​degrees if the user desires. He can take selfies with his back turned!

The camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. With the help of Blue-tooth, you can transfer photos from the camera storage to your phone storage. While with the help of Wi-Fi you can connect the camera to the phone via a wireless network.

The camera has a built-in pop-up flash and also a hot shoe for using an external flash.

Like most inexpensive DSLRs The camera body is entirely made of hard plastic and is not weather sealed. Therefore, you need to take special care of your camera in dusty and rainy conditions. To prevent dust and water droplets from entering the camera.

The camera is widely available on the market with the Dx18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens, but if you prefer, you can request the IS 55-250mm for extra money. With excellent optical quality and clarity These two lenses are ideal for your general photography needs. These two will be good companions for your camera for home, portrait, travel, landscape and nature use and are lightweight. So you can easily take it anywhere. With the IS 55-250mm lens, you can take great long- and medium-distance photos.

When starting with a camera from any brand, be it Canon or Nikon, you have to remember that over time You will collect many lenses from that brand. ..and if in the future you upgrade your camera, you will have to buy a camera of the same brand to use those lenses. This means that when you choose a camera brand, You must hold on to the same bond. Therefore, you should choose the camera brand carefully.

So here are the best entry-level Canon DSLRs of 2018. As soon as the next upgraded camera launches in India, we’ll bring you the new ‘best’!

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