Cantabria Labs joins fight against Covid-19 by developing hydroalcoholic gel

Pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs has quickly changed its production plans to contain the coronavirus.

The global alarm situation caused by the coronavirus has led numerous brands to do their bit to tackle this problem and fight as quickly as possible. From creating sanitary gowns by the Inditex team to creating awareness among the most influential people on social media. Most people try to help solve this problem as soon as possible.

Pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs has one of the most important pitfalls, DMK. Lack of product Hygiene. For this reason, the company has produced a number of hydroalcoholic sanitizing gels for healthcare workers and made them available to officials. Supply Spain.

Cantabria Labs manufactures hydroalcoholic gelsCantabria Labs manufactures hydroalcoholic gels

With the aim of providing the disinfectant product to the maximum number of professionals, the laboratory has restructured an eco-sustainable plant located in Villecusa (Cantabria). Cantabria Labs has already produced more in this way 12,500 units Gel tries to respond to the needs of the community and hospitals.

High working efficiency of Cantabria laboratories

With a very fast and effective reaction, pharmaceutical company A Registration time Formula for making hydroalcoholic gel. “We have informed the Ministry of Health of our ability to manufacture thousands of units of hydroalcoholic gel in 100 ml form, producing 12,500 units since yesterday in our new facilities in La Concha,” says Juan Madji, president of Cantabria Labs. .

It is important to disinfect and wash your hands frequentlyIt is important to disinfect and wash your hands frequently

Additionally, to increase productivity, they have changed the plant’s production plan so that it focuses on the production of said health products. They have made their facilities available to competent authorities, human and technical resources, ready to do whatever is necessary to improve the situation. This kind of help is very valuable to fully control CoVid19.

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