Cara Delevingne, Natalie Portman and Lily Collins star in this week’s worst beauty looks

The most popular faces take the beauty test this last week of February and fail to win due to minor errors and mistakes.

One more week Women who follow too much get lost And they achieve an incongruous look of beauty, in which lack of time and neglect of detail deceives them.

Cara Delevingne is very ordinary

Unruly tips from Cara DelevingneUnruly tips from Cara Delevingne

The model is the first celebrity to join the ranks Cara Delevingne. The English woman is not usually disappointed by her looks and has pioneered beauty trends such as the ‘free brows’ effect, but clearly you can’t always get it right. On this occasion, the actress accompanied her partner Ashley Benson to Paris to enjoy the fashion week where the most acclaimed brands present their Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collections.

The young actor sports hair with curled ends, giving off a carefree image that, while Delevingne might be confused with the casual style that Delevingne usually dresses in, is far from it. A beautiful medium length hair is a great favor for the actress Background By not devoting enough time to cleaning it. In these cases, it is better to choose an updo like a bun or, if there is a little more space and the appearance allows it, a braid at the roots. Understandably, it has been Temporary error It will be forgotten with the clothes the actress chooses for the Paris shows.

Natalie Portman with a careful hairstyle

Natalie Portman tries a semi-updoNatalie Portman tries a semi-updo

And yet another actress to rock the worst beauty look of the week. An actress who fell in love with the public through films like ‘Saka’. Star Wars ‘ (1999-2005) or the movie Black Swan ‘ (2010), actually, Natalie Portman. The actress has excellent acting skills and exceptionally sweet beauty. At every event she attends, she exudes an aura of celebrity elegance and taste.

But this time Portman is going out with the director to enjoy the city of Los Angeles Emma Forrest Without realizing the mistake he is making while wearing this hairstyle. A semi-updo on your short hair isn’t the most flattering look you can choose, but it’s also poorly groomed or gathered strands. A look of neglect This is not typical for the actress. With the help of a good fixative product, the image will be significantly improved, and it will not take more than two minutes of your time.

Lily Collins and unrestricted contouring

Lily Collins screws up contouringLily Collins screws up contouring

The most popular women in the performing arts world continue to be the least flattering of the week. Lily Collins She is the next to enter the scene, and in most cases the young celebrity stands out, perhaps most surprised by the good taste reflected in her clothes and the charm with which she defends them. Of course, during Paris Fashion Week, Yves Saint Laurent brand’s Fall/Winter 2020-2021 runway show is not to be missed.

Unexpectedly, the actress’ makeup was badly done. This girl wears very different tones: very dark bronze and a highlighter, very soft like a foundation. It has an effect Too artificial, one that does not favor Collins’s features and, moreover, is contrary to the current trend of the natural edge. The way you apply blush That doesn’t help either As it takes the light away from his face, the color clashes with the color used to outline the facial features.

Choco is very dangerous with eyeshadow

Choco's color differenceChoco’s color difference

For one reason the world of music comes into play on this occasion Too much color And the same cosmetic products. Bold and exciting beauty looks are always welcome but it is clear that in some cases they can create rejection. This is what happens with the makeup of the singer Stephanie SokolinskBetter known by his stage name Choco ‘. Celebs attend Paris Fashion Week for Chloé house’s Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection with looks you’ll either love or hate.

It is common for the French woman to use these types of shades and on more than one occasion she has been spotted with dangerous eyeshadows. Choco has chosen a color for the occasion Bright orange He uses it across his mobile eyelid and by directing the blur towards the ear area he tries to refine the vision. It is somewhat similar to the process followed for making blueshadow, but the technique is not perfect, so the shade has an aggressive finish. The It Girl skin tone doesn’t help either, as it’s very light and with coal-black hair, the shading becomes prominent. It was not in his favor Absolutely.

The tides were not favorable to Zella Haas

Zella Haas Fails Hairstyle for BerlinaleZella Haas Fails Hairstyle for Berlinale

Berlinale presents international cinematographic innovations and brings a wave of inspiration or, conversely, mistakes that must be taken into account in order not to repeat them. actress Zella HaasIt is devoted almost entirely to German cinema, in films such as Goldfish ‘ (2019), can’t be missed at the German festival. However, the artist comes up with a hairstyle that may seem like a good option at first, but ends up ruining the rest of her look.

When wearing a pixie cut, they are not a good choice as they will give you normal watery waves High volume For your face, moreover, it is difficult to prevent them from messing up during a busy and long event. Another detail that doesn’t help the celebrity’s beauty is the color of the blush and the amount of product used, a little closer to pink instead of red, which would have been more flattering for her. The glowing parts of her face are uncontrolled, especially on her forehead. We must remember that if you go to the red carpet, you are exposing yourself to cameras that usually use artificial light. Also adds shine compensate.

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