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This cat breed is distinguished by its flexibility, affection and character.

Cat LaPerm is a very curious animal, the only one who, by chance or by the will of fate, It was developed several decades ago in the USA, more precisely in Oregon.. Its name means “curl” and refers to the curls on its fur. It can also be called Dulles LaPerm. However, these cats can very rarely be found in other countries, as they have an exclusive morphology. This cat is distinguished by its agreeableness., his affection and his character. Below is everything about this cat breed:

Origin of the LaPerm cat

Origin of this breed occurs as a result of genetic modification which occurred spontaneously in a litter of ordinary cats born in the barn of some American farmers in 1986. Specifically, it was born in Oregon. Only one cat out of six in the litter was born hairless. When eight weeks had passed, he began to grow quite soft, curly hair. At three or four months it is a feline full layer of curly hair of all Laperms.

The LaPerm cat is a breed with curly hair.The LaPerm cat is a breed with curly hair.

Faced with the surprise that several breeders had about these strange cats, they created various breeding programs to develop the breed, which Thanks to the creation of the LPSA club in 1997, it was recognized. A few years later, TICA set a standard for this breed, the LaPerm breed, which is considered hypoallergenic because it does not shed.

Physical characteristics of the LaPerm cat

This cat always looks like Siamese, that is, elegant and with a wedge-shaped head. Regarding the coat, which is the most striking feature of the LaPerm cat, there are many varieties: we can find cats with long, short or medium hair, but always thick and with long curly hair. Except, The amount of fur will also largely depend on the maturity of the cat and the time of year.. If we talk about the color of the coat, then both this and the patterns can be any of the possible ones. Here you can find plain, bicolor, tricolor, chinchilla, brindle, Tonkinese or Siamese patterns, etc.

These cats are an obedient and affectionate breed.These cats are an obedient and affectionate breed.

This pet is a medium-sized cat that weighs between 4 and 6 kilograms if it is male; or from 4 to 6 kg if it is a female. They have a fibrous and strong body, highlighting strong muscles., although hidden by fur. The front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs, the tail is wide at the base and thin at the tip.

Its head is triangular in shape and, like its body, is of medium size. In addition, it ends in a long muzzle with a straight and elongated nose. His eyes are oval and the same color, or at least the same color as his fur.and can be yellow, gold, blue or green. The ears are also triangular in shape, wide and large, with small lynx-like feathers.

LaPerma cat character

This animal is distinguished by great kindness and tenderness, since it loves when its owners pay attention to it and devote hours to games, affection and pampering. For this reason, The animal does not like to be left alone, and this is generally not recommended for him. because it can lead to the development of problems such as anxiety or depression.

This animal does not pose any danger to children.This animal does not pose any danger to children.

As far as obedience is concerned, you will not have any problems as they listen to all orders and are very intelligent, which their owners take advantage of by teaching them tricks to be more polite. Despite this, To educate this animal, it is important that all members of the house cooperate. and do your part.

In addition, they have great ability to adapt to any environment, that is, they will not have problems if you take them to live in a huge house or a small apartment in the city. This animal does not pose any danger to children, so you should not be afraid that it will spend time with children. They also have no problem socializing with other cats or other pets, although It will always be better if we teach them to communicate from an early age.. Otherwise, they may develop problem behaviors such as aggression or fear as adults.

Laperm cat care

As for the coat, the characteristic that makes it more vibrant, care will vary depending on the length. It means that If your cat has a medium to short coat, you will only need two brushings per week to achieve softness and shine.. On the other hand, if she is a long-haired LaPerm cat, she should be brushed daily to avoid any hairballs she might ingest and cause. drowns in an animaland does not tangle hair.

It’s good that a feline is always on the move and leads an active life.It’s good that a feline is always on the move and leads an active life.

Of course, remember that to keep your cat’s curls in good condition, it will be enough to dry it with a towel after bathing, but under no circumstances use a hair dryer, as it will tangle the fur. remember, that Good care of the animal is necessary to ensure good health and well-being. In general, although this is true, cats are very independent and clean animals and are excellent at washing and brushing themselves without assistance.

On the other hand, it is good that the cat is always on the move and does not lead a sedentary lifestyle, which will also help its mental health. To do this, encourage him to play by throwing balls of wool at him. You can also use fishing rods to have him try to catch whatever is on the hook by jumping and running.You can throw objects at him so that he can go up and down the stairs, ping-pong balls, that is, light objects with which the animal can be activated and move unexpectedly and quickly.

It is also advisable to walk your cat in good weather using a harness to stimulate her senses and give her the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Another variant: release him into a yard where you know he will be safe without the presence of other animals. let them come and go and encourage him to flee.

No congenital diseases have been recorded in this breed.No congenital diseases have been recorded in this breed.

Finally, Don’t forget to always have a first aid kit for cats at home, just like for people. And this is what Any injury that your pet may receive, be it poisoning, a fall, a wound, a burn… requires special care.. For this reason, the first aid kit should never be missing: hydrogen peroxide, scissors, digital thermometer, bandages, gauze, plaster, regular and hydrophilic cotton wool.

Laperm Cat Health

Because this is a cat that appeared relatively recently and which the breed it comes from is usually healthy, no congenital diseases were registered. This does not mean that this cat breed cannot suffer from other common feline diseases.

The size of a cat is important when feeding it.The size of a cat is important when feeding it.

The only way to prevent our cat from getting sick is to take her to a veterinarian or specialist regularly. conduct examinations or examinations, give him vaccinations, and also deworm him. In this way, we will avoid the appearance of worms or fleas in our pet, as well as bacterial or viral diseases that may harm your health.

Laperm Food for cats

Know What does this breed really need? the cat needs to be fed, it is best to contact a specialist or professional who will advise you and tell you what the animal should eat.

Despite this, some foods suitable for consumption by these animals are fresh, raw or lightly cooked. What matters is that They are always accompanied by plenty of water or broth for good hydration.. We also mean whole foods that are non-GMO, unprocessed, organic, and in their natural form because they allow your cat’s body to absorb them better because they are biologically acceptable.

The creator of this type of cat was Mrs. Linda Koehl.The creator of this type of cat was Mrs. Linda Koehl.

Against, Foods that you should avoid giving to your pet are kibble, salt, butter, sugar., spices, any processed foods, whether wet or moist; or any food containing grains, potatoes or excess starch.

Finally, remember this a sterilized cat cannot eat the same food than before undergoing this process, since the intervention causes changes in the animal’s hormones. This will cause you to become hungrier and exercise less. On this occasion, It is important to consider the cat’s size, breed, and age. because there are different foods for young, adult or elderly pets, because each of them meets the needs of the animal depending on the stage of life in which it is.

Curiosities of the cat LaPerm

  • The creator of this type of cat was Mrs. Linda Koehl.
  • They named the mother of the kittens descended from this species Curly.
  • LaPerma has life expectancy between 15 and 20 years.
  • They are also called Dalles Laperm or permanent.
  • This cat breed was classified in the United States in 1982.
  • Its gene is dominant, so this breed may overlap with others and curly-haired kittens continue to be born.
  • He has a curious hunting instinct and loves heights.
  • It has sweet voice and very soft.
  • Currently, the LaPerm breed is recognized by the main felinological associations.
  • There are hatcheries in countries such as Canada, England, New Zealand and Japan.
  • If you like affectionate cats who love to spend hours on your lap, LaPerm is for you.
  • It gets its name from a procedure that many people do to maintain curly hair for a long time.
  • He will most likely follow his human around the house.
  • This is one of the most curious cat breeds peace.
  • These cats were the first recognized long-haired Rex breed.

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