Cat Collars: Everything You Need to Know

The big question for cat owners is whether to put a collar on them or not. Find out when it is necessary and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

One of the most common debates among people who have pets, especially cats, is whether they should be collared or, more specifically, whether this could cause them any harm. The first thing we have to evaluate is whether our pet really needs a collar for some serious reason or simply because we consider it something aesthetic. If this last case is the reason you are considering putting a collar on your pet, we advise you not to do so.. True, with some accessory our pets look much cuter, but we must remember that, unlike us, wearing collars is a nuisance for them. It will take some time for them to get used to itbut first they will try to take it away, bite it, anything, just to get away from them like that, if they don’t have to bear it, We recommend that you do not wear them.

The big question for cat owners is whether to put a collar on them or not.The big question for cat owners is whether to put a collar on them or not.

After clarifying this topic in this article, we are going to introduce you Situations in which your cat may need a collar, which we should exclude from the very beginning, and in addition, we will give you some tips so that you know how to choose the perfect collar for your animal. So if this is what you are looking for, keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about cat collars.

When does a cat need a collar?

There are certain types of collars that are necessary. Find out when to wear it and what function it will serve for your pet. :

  • Cat doors that are activated by a device mounted on the collar. : In homes where our feline friends have access to the outside, the cat door usually contains a magnetic or electronic device that, when in contact with other devices located on our animal’s collar, causes the door to open. If we use these doors, a collar is required.; but if we use a regular cat valve, this will not be necessary.
  • To identify our pets : This is important for cats that go outside or have a tendency to run away. Although a collar is not necessary if you have a microchip, if you don’t want to go through that, we may select a collar that identifies you with our information so that we can recover it.
  • flea collar : Although in most cases vaccines and tablets prevent fleas from infesting our cats, some people choose to provide additional protection with a collar. However, you need to be careful with them since they may be allergic to our animals, which causes them to develop redness and bald spots.Therefore, you should be very careful with such necklaces.
Flea collars are a good option for protecting catsFlea collars are a good option for protecting cats

Collars with bells and decorations for cats

Necklaces with decorations such as medals, and especially with bells or other objects that make noise, work very well. dangerous for our petsand if we have something stuck to our neck that makes noise every time we move, it can drive anyone crazy, and of course our pet.

Likewise, although it may seem like a good option for our animal to have a medal or bell, we must remember that the benefits are much better than the benefits. It is often said that putting a bell on our cat we don’t let them hunt birds as its sound scares them, but the truth is that cats have been proven to be able to learn more stealthy techniques, so this does not become a problem for them. Moreover, although there has not been a single study that would confidently confirm that these bells cause hearing problems in our pets, It must be borne in mind that a cat’s hearing is much more sensitive than ours. and that constantly listening to these noises can cause stress and anxiety.

How to choose a collar for a cat

There are three fundamental things that we must consider when choosing a collar for our animal: What material is it made of, how is it made and how are we going to place it.

Make sure the collar is of good quality for your pet.Make sure the collar is of good quality for your pet.

We must be sure that our kitten’s collar is of good quality and does not irritate his skin. nor allergies causing bald spots. In addition, we must make sure that it is well stitched and does not have any sharp ends that could hurt our cat.

At first we may think that it is better for the collar not to move, but the truth is that there are times when our pets try to remove it and can get stuck and even get caught on something, unable to free themselves. . This is why it is best for our cats to wear elastic collars or collars with easy-to-release mechanisms.. For them, it is better to lose it than to have it torn off and get injured or trapped. You must remember this you need to check the fuse collar before putting it on.

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