Cate Blanchett, Sofia Hellqvist, and Sophie Monk Show Off This Week’s Worst Beauty Shows

Matalina Kenya and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands have skated into this week’s worst beauty looks.

Like every week The most beautiful and stylish international celebrities leave the best beauty programs But the worst. And, as impossible as it may seem, both makeup artists and makeup artists know what they need to do: paint the face with a makeup proposal. Get applause and beauty headlines. maybe hurry, Nerves or a bad referral They have played tricks on these celebrities This week’s worst beauty look review.

An oil-free makeup base, always

Catherine Elise Blanchett, Called Cate BlanchettA symbol of 21st century beauty and fashion. And the 50-year-old actress Stands out for its natural beauty, talent and versatility. Also, it takes the risks of new styles without losing their appeal An elegant look that accentuates it. A winner of two Oscars and undoubtedly an inherent leader. The actress defends the feminist movement without complacency and certainly represents autonomy. Success and performance. He is firm in his decisions and has very clear goals. In her own words, the woman’s victory was justified The result of perseverance and merit. Her porcelain skin and her amazing figure are both another complement All qualities of this talented woman.

Cate Blanchett and makeup base issuesCate Blanchett and makeup base issues

In his last appearance we see his style going to the theater in London Ralph Lauren’s Total Look A clear example of black being a big winning bet in winter. An icon that lacks style and elegance Her beauty is for two reasons : First, if you have oily skin, A good cleansing and moisturizing routine With the right products it is more than enough. However, it seems that the actress did not prepare her face A perfect oil-free product To control excess fat, the effect? Skin with excessive shine. and in the second place, Eyebrows are very archedVery geometric and very outlined, it gives the impression of being drawn with a professional draftsman’s ruler.

Waves into the water is an effort

Almost 1.80 meters She is the tallest among the models who have worked abroad. Established for over 20 years In the United States, her name is not as well known as in Spain, but most of the big Hollywood stars know her and are her friends. The incredible beauty of Romanian descent That He is not known for his film roles. Because of her looks and her romance with famous men, however, she has become an Instagram sensation. Now the glamorous Madalina shines on the red carpet Exclusive Vanity Fair Party In Madrid, she stood out in a tight dress for her plunging neckline and slender body. Crystal embellished design With that Madalina Kenea looked like a beauty goddess and many could not take their eyes off her look.

Air, a little hairspray and fixing gel: a bad combinationAir, a little hairspray and fixing gel: a bad combination

From Ignacio García Belenguer Takes care of Teatro Real in Madrid And as Vanity Fair celebrates its long-awaited annual gala, attendees’ wardrobe levels have risen to stratospheric levels. One of the objectives is to achieve From the Madrid Theater tonight It became more glamorous or glamorous than any high-profile film award ceremony. What if they win? One of the trends of the season is the red carpet: a try Waves in water. A hairstyle has us hypnotized, but if you don’t want to end up with the result you need some tips. Just as bad as Scarlett. To create water waves, you only need tools that allow you to style your hair comfortably: Curling irons, irons or curlers. Any of these options will give you an amazing result. Fits thread to thread With a curling iron or iron to create your waves. Once you get the waves you want, Available in a hairspray bottle So your hairstyle will last longer and voilà perfectly.

A scalpel and a beauty beneath the excess

Luxurious, unique And, above all, the most attractive are three adjectives that can define a singer. Too much talent. Like her style, Rita Ora is characterized by her simplicity with some airs of luxury, but only on rare occasions. Whether on the red carpet or in her casual public appearances, Always overflowing with sensuality and good taste. A fashionista, her bold style has established her as an icon and trendsetter. She is not a trend, but rather creates and integrates them. He has immortal clothes Emilio Pucci’s shirts are etched in memory, like the opening in the skirt or the low necklines of his leather designs. After months of rehearsals, the singer is on an international tour, perfecting the beauty look and, Sometimes not quite right.

A scalpel and a very misguided propositionA scalpel and a very misguided proposition

However, the look isn’t perfect, elegance is conspicuous by its absence and Sophie Monk just couldn’t get it right in this aspect. Public confrontations, extravagant statements and bad faces are the maxims that have embraced the singer for a long time. In this case, now the monk has come forward again With more energy and vitality than ever before. However, despite the effort, the actress, producer and singer has earned a fitting place in our weekly beauty roundup. Enhancing the beauty of the face, Keeps excess scalpel aside In recent years, it has looked like something out of the London Wax Museum. Not all highlighters are made for the same skin tone. Too much highlighter powder Instead of giving glow to the actress’ skin, they gave it a frozen, almost frozen effect Specific and efficient parts of the face. A Beauty Tip: The Right Areas to Lighten? Nose, cupid’s bow and cheeks. Of course and as it happens in this case, the glowing effect disappears when applied all over the face. A strangely beautiful look And very unfortunate.

Princess without a title

It would be true to say that The past is always knocking at the door Twice and in the case of Sophia Hellqvist It seems more than three. Since her engagement to Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip in June 2015, the princess has tried Many people forget some aspects Reality show ‘Hotel Paradise’ or around his youth like his time His stripper side. Based on motivation and constant effort and a good facelift of the Swedish monarchy, Sofia managed to build a good reputation in civil society, and there are many Swedes who believe that she has become. A great reference for European monarchies. Always dazzling in everything she does, altruistic and totally devoted to her two children, Princes Alexander and GabrielSofia leads a discreet life away from scandals and above all from the media.

There is less or, we go too far, we don't comeThere is less or, we go too far, we don’t come

An envelope A striking black dress, her looks weren’t the only thing that drew attention. It has a never-before-seen look of beauty The illuminator has become the protagonist Before the flashes of photographers gathered at the entrance of the event. happen with Choose makeup basicsChoosing the wrong color of highlighter A basic manual error. Very white or light highlighters Best suited for pale skin And clear. In the case of the princess, her fair complexion Does not mix with a tone lighter than its own tone, creating a strange effect on the face. Plus, it looks like you used too much product A light beauty look with high coverage. All of this is framed by irregular and unevenly drawn thick eyebrows A surprised face.

Brush, blow dry and spray

William was appointed King of the Netherlands Renovation and a breath of fresh air for the Dutch Royal House. Maxima Zorreguieta’s public appearance, An elegant and elegant woman of Argentinian origin As wife, she represented Before and after an old throne And with tradition. Her style, elegant yet informal, made us all fall in love from the start. And the thing is, Maxima de Hollande’s styling is a clear example Your personality : Cheerful, fun and elegant. The right combinationGot applause from everyone.

Beyond formalities and etiquette, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands doesn't seem to be a big fan of combs and hairspray.Beyond formalities and etiquette, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands doesn’t seem to be a big fan of combs and hairspray.

When it comes to style and beauty, Queen Letizia and the Duchess of Sussex are the royals They really enjoy playing with fashion and trends. However, if there’s one thing Queen Máxima is known for, it’s her risqué style decisions, as she never wastes any opportunity to surprise by recycling. His most notable appearance in 2019. During the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation Awards ceremony, Holland’s spouse monopolized the incessant clicking of the cameras, but not for good. A beauty look Careless and uncaring. Messy hair and highlights that didn’t cover her hair base 100% gave her A bohemian and decadent air. However, we should not forget that there are simple tricks that can help Hide dirty hair Real or greasy. Dirty hair = high ponytail. The first solution is to tie your hair in a low and high ponytail Very convenient and fast. A piece of advice? Open any specialty publication and get inspired Your European colleagues.

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