Cavitation: An Alternative to Liposuction

Cavitation is gaining more traction among women around the world every day, and it’s a great way to improve our appearance without going under the knife.

Over the years, beauty treatments have evolved.. Gone are those long hours in the operating room to remove physical defects that caused complexes that prevented us from being happy. Aesthetic interventions continue but, in addition They change faster and are less invasive and recoveries are much faster..

Of course, what has truly revolutionized the world of aesthetics are the treatments themselves No need for surgery. Treatments that can be done in a beauty center, do not require any kind of anesthesia, are zero invasive and that’s it And they don’t need a recovery period.

Cavitation to remove localized fat

Among these treatments is cavitation. Local fat removal is more complicated. Although this happens to both men and women, it is true that women accumulate body fat and have no way of getting rid of it. Diet and exercise can help a lotBut sometimes additional treatment is needed so that the fat can be diluted and removed from the body.

Cavitation directly affects the local fatCavitation directly affects the local fat

This treatment, known as cavitation, can remove localized fat. A technique, as we said, without surgical intervention, fat is removed using a low-frequency ultrasound device that is sent through the body. It dissolves the fat cells in the deeper layers of the skin to remove that fat.

Cellulite, so-called orange peel skin or mattress skin can leave your life because of cavitation.. Of course, although this is a method of strengthening and cleansing the skin, it also helps to reduce size and weight – since fat is heavy, logically – this too. It is essential to lead a healthy lifeAdequate diet and exercise regularly: There is no need to do two hours of training sessions a day, unless you have a lot of time or have some kind of physical disability, walking for about 40 minutes a day is enough. .

It is a cavitation treatment

Technically, as we briefly commented earlier, cavitation is a low-frequency ultrasonic stimulation that leads to physical growth. Bubbles With a device that is very reminiscent of the device used to perform an ultrasound.

45 minute session

A completely painless machine and that Does not cause any harm to the bodyIt is dangerous to perform the treatment without mesh or anything covering the body. You only need to use one tube of gel r so the machine has the effect of dissolving fat cells while running Massage in local area Thanks to the roller at the end of the machine, fat is found in it.

Each cavitation session lasts about 45 minutesEach cavitation session lasts about 45 minutes

Only a slight pressure is felt

Each session lasts about 45 minutes, during which the patient feels nothing beyond the slight pressure exerted by the specialist as time passes. That roller will have the effect of making a conductive gel. The only thing you will feel is a small beep that the machine emits and indicates that everything is working properly.

Drinking plenty of water is recommended

Although there is no exact sign to follow before going for your session, Yes, it is good to drink one to two liters of water to dissolve body fat easily. After treatment with urine. Following a low-fat diet is also advised if the treatment is to have its effect.

Cavitation reduces centimeters while tightening the skinCavitation reduces centimeters while tightening the skin

Advantages of cavitation

A process, as we see, painless and No intervention of any kind is required It occurs with other interventions to remove localized fat, such as liposuction. Advantages of cavitation are:

  • No invasive surgery is required.
  • It does not require anesthesia or sedation.
  • Because it is very useful Applied directly to the area Where is fat located?
  • You can reach Lose two centimeters per session of treatment. Of course, it should be taken into account that the results are not so immediate, you have to wait until the second or third session to see them.
  • Each session lasts about 45 minutesIt’s fast.
  • When reducing and eliminating, hollowing helps Improve skin elasticity and, as a result, circulation.
  • After the treatment sessions, The skin is very firm and smooth.

Therefore, after cavitation, a good result is obtained and the skin is perfect, and other such treatments are recommended to complement it. Pressure therapy or radiofrequency.

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