Chanel Presents Its Spring/Summer 2020 Beauty Collection: It’s ‘Desert Dream’

Chanel’s luxurious empire expands its beauty collection with the creation of a new desert-inspired line for Spring/Summer 2020.

Muted tones like cool brown or mauve and golden pigments with a matte or shimmer finish, Inspired by the serenity of the desertBecome the true protagonists of the new Chanel beauty line for Spring/Summer 2020. A desert dream ‘ is the name given to this new range created by the French company in question and has already managed to completely capture the majority of its fans due to the soft and sensual image of each of its new products.

Shadow palettes from the 'Desert Dream' rangeShadow palettes from the ‘Desert Dream’ range

As its name suggests, it is a dream line that will become your best choice for this spring, if you are willing to give it a go Sophisticated yet natural For your beauty look. In this case, the work of the famous Chanel make-up artist Lucia Pica stands out, explaining that this new collection is a natural filter to see life in a dream based on the blurred image of nature. It’s like a simple memory.

A variety of colors and textures

This time, the luxury brand is setting aside its attributes Tons of saffron And Gold, muted light characterized by softness. Likewise, Chanel is inspired by the sky, creating a mix of sand and sun rays to bring life to your lips, face, but above all, your eyes. For this, the new shade palettes stand out, ‘Les 4 Ombres’, with a new formula that offers the optimal effect of vibrant, luminous and natural makeup.

Lipstick from the Desert Dream rangeLipstick from the ‘Desert Dream’ range

Also, satin, metallic or matte finish textures are incorporated, with which you can achieve the perfect smoky or natural eye look. On the other hand, if you are a fan of cream shadows, you are in luck as you get one of the star products in the name of ‘. Ombre Premier Lake ‘, a new long-lasting liquid shade with an intense and metallic finish. Of the five shades created, you definitely won’t be able to resist Ivory brown Or in a soft tone Metallic apricot.

On the other hand, your lips can be another major focus of attention. ‘Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme’, a pink matte lipstick based on the endless plains of the desert will become part of your basic makeup kit. Also, you can find this version In eleven different colors. Undoubtedly, other products such as luminous powders stand out in this new collection. ‘Éclat de Desert Highlighter’ Or cream sticks, you don’t need anything else.

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