Clarins manufactures hydroalcoholic gels to ship to hospitals in France

Clarins makes hydroalcoholic gels that it sends free to hospitals in France.

There are more and more companies that have set aside their regular production We are dedicating all our efforts to help the fight against the coronavirus and stop its spread. Each organization and each organization within its possibilities and its functions. Thus, the Cosmetic companies have devoted themselves completely to the production of disinfectant gels They should be sent to the areas that require them.

Both in Spain Cantabria laboratories like L’Oreal are already at full capacity producing these gels. Now they are joined by Clarins, which has announced that it will send hydroalcoholic gels to French hospitals completely free of charge in the coming weeks.

Clarins workers producing hydroalcoholic gelstitle

Work has already started with the first shipment of 14,500 units. Here’s what the brand explained in a statement: “Our industrial centers are Pontoise, Strasbourg and Amiens Manufactured and supplied 14,500 units of hydroalcoholic gels. These 400 ml containers. Create a first step to provide emergency aid to hospital staff”.

First shipment of 14,500 hydroalcoholic gels to hospitals

An export followed by as many as possible, always with suitable protection, so as not to endanger its workers: ” Our goal is to actively pursue the production of hydroalcoholic gels as long as they are needed.“Always maintaining adequate health and safety conditions in our factories for all our mobilized collaborators.”

Clarins has shipped the first batch of 14,500 gelsClarins has shipped the first batch of 14,500 gels

“We would like to thank all the people who participate in our citizens’ initiative: Our manufacturing, research and development teams, our suppliers, couriers and all hospital staff. We are particularly sensitive to your commitment, which allows us, as a company, to contribute actively and decisively to the collective effort in these exceptional circumstances,” they concluded in a letter signed by the general management of Clarins.

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