Coffee tables made of stone or marble

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about decorating your living room coffee table with stone or marble.

Coffee tables in the living room are one of those elements that add functionality and decoration to one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. However, we usually don’t realize how little importance we usually attach to it.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the location, not only of the table, but also of the room itself. Apart from being one of the places where we live most often during the day, it is also one of the places that guests are sure to visit. A table is one of the elements that can make a living room stand out or go unnoticed.. Depending on the size we decide to give our table, this room may appear larger or smaller. Therefore, we need to choose the right table that will help us maintain proportions.

Coffee tables also serve to organize other items such as TV controls, vases, magazines, personal items, etc. They are also used for dinner or lunch, and of course we cannot forget about one of the “scientifically proven” functions: their usefulness in supporting and resting the feet. We have already seen that if we did not have this element in our living room, we would lose all possibilities of everyday use. We must not forget that our table It should match the rest of the elements we decided to decorate it with, but two in particular: the sofa and the color of the walls..

Table with marble and Christmas in the backgroundTable with marble and Christmas in the background

Coffee tables have a large variety of materials for its manufacture. From fragile materials like glass to harder ones like marble. In this article we will discuss two in particular: stone and marble.

Stone, a necessary material in our coffee table

Furniture made from natural stone is an excellent choice that will add a touch of design to your interior. This material It has great durability, and its aesthetics and strong appearance create an orderly environment. and home decoration. It is true that it is usually used more outdoors than indoors; especially on terraces and gardens. However, it is also often used indoors. It is the perfect addition to modern decor..

Recently, stone furniture located in the living room has become common furniture, be it shelves, chests of drawers and even coffee tables. His personal and pleasant style makes him unique for any room..The stone gives the house a modern look, and at the same time It is identified as a pure material on which no contamination is visible to the naked eye.. This is one of the reasons why it is usually used outdoors as dust or dirt is usually more visible on our furniture.

It should be noted that just as many materials can have their own artificial version, the same thing happens with stone. We can find this material processed naturally or manufactured artificially.. It is true that natural stone furniture is usually more expensive, but it is also more durable and beautiful. Moreover, one can be distinguished from the other at first glance. It is recommended to use natural stone for interior decoration of the house, and artificial stone for exterior decoration.

Can be artificially producedCan be artificially produced

On the other hand, when using this type of furniture, it is necessary to take into account the details of natural stone, since there are different types of stone present in this material. Let’s talk about onyx, granite and marble.. Furniture such as sideboards, lamps and especially coffee tables are most often made from stone. These types of stones give our home a unique naturalness as well as a sophisticated and rustic atmosphere. Among the most commonly used stones are white marbles such as Calliston, Carrara, Calacata and Rhodes.. Other materials required may be tavertine and granite. Granite, which has different shades: white, salt-pepper and black; Widely used for tables and shelves.

How to place a stone

There are several aspects to consider when installing stone on your countertop. First, the stone must be placed on a surface that is level enough so that the material can be properly secured. The structure on which the stone will rest is usually metal or wood.. It is recommended that the stone be between two and four centimeters thick to make it more difficult to break.

Once we have already installed our coffee table, it should be noted that should be protected with stone sealant. You can find it in any specialty store. A product that, without a doubt, ensures that the surface is waterproof for approximately six months. After this time has expired, it must be applied again.

Marble on coffee tables

Marble is the most commonly used material for coffee tables. And that’s what This is an element that is on trend for home furniture., especially white marble. However, it also has some disadvantages such as chemical sensitivity. In short, it is a durable yet delicate material.

It is important to treat the stoneIt is important to treat the stone

Marble needs to be cared for, and while it is durable, it also ages. It all depends on how we are going to use it. This type of stone is heat, impact and dent resistant.. Thanks to its style, it matches very well with the rest of the decorative elements, and is also available in a wide variety of colors and textures, depending on the rest of the home’s decoration.

However, its main disadvantages are as follows: It is a porous material, so heavy stains tend to penetrate the stone and remain there.. It scratches relatively easily, and its price is usually quite high compared to other types of materials. As we noted earlier, we cannot clean it with chemicals that act as abrasives, such as bleach.

Another option: granite.

Granite is another element often used for coffee tables. Its impressive finish makes it versatile for endless use. It has many advantages, but two stand out above all: its extreme durability and beauty. This is a natural and ecological material, which, unlike marble, is highly resistant to abrasion.. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

Its color does not change when exposed to sunlight and is scratch resistant due to its high quartz and feldspar content. It is characterized by being the hardest natural stone, superior to all synthetic materials.. As an example, it is worth mentioning that it has always been used in the construction of large architectural structures, and now it is also used in everyday life. It is a material that offers a wide range of colors and finishes that depend on the type of feldspar.. No granite is alike.

Granite is very characteristic of the kitchen.Granite is very characteristic of the kitchen.

Besides coffee tables, it stands out well on kitchen countertops. The taste is fresh and natural to the touch, making it suitable for consumption.In addition to providing excellent shine and smoothness, it improves the texture of the stone before processing. However, aging leads to the loss of these qualities.

It is important to know that when cleaning this material, you need to be careful when choosing the product. Although granite is generally resistant to chemicals, some of them can leave marks on the stone. This will need to be taken into account depending on the finish of your furniture. Because the material is too heavy, its installation, like marble, can be difficult., and even more so when it comes to large kitchen countertops. If it was installed on a large surface, the granite would have to be divided into several parts, and aesthetically this does not look very good. In such cases, other parts of the decor, for example, a ceramic tile, are usually placed above the partitions. Thus, the installer will determine that the joint is as inconspicuous as possible, so that the joints are not visible.

In short, if we draw a line between the advantages and disadvantages of this material, We can ensure that granite is one of the best materials on the market.although, like the others, it has small disadvantages that always make you doubt it.

Invest and it will last a long timeInvest and it will last a long time

Natural materials

Stone, leather and all types of natural materials. They give our furniture a beautiful finish and greater durability that synthetic materials cannot provide.. In the kitchen, bathroom or living room, the use of natural materials is appreciated, such as leather for sofas or marble for countertops and coffee tables. It is true that this type of material They are more expensive and require more delicate care.but we must know that in the long run, your investment does depreciate.

It all depends on what we want at the moment and on the rest of the furniture that we have in the house, but after reading this article we know that natural materials also offer us a wide range of decorations and varieties that can contribute to our favorite place. clarity, naturalness, cleanliness, spaciousness and durability are aspects that are important for the place where we usually spend most of our time.

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