Current aspects in raising a cat

It is very important to establish a trusting relationship with your cat to facilitate its learning process.

Today, many people have a cat at home. Whether adopted or purchased, this animal becomes be another one in the family and it is their owners who provide for their needs and care, so that they lack for nothing. Therefore, like children, cats require not only adaptation to a new home, but also training. In other words, felines they must be educated their owners to behave appropriately at home and with all those people or animals with whom they interact.

For this, the best stage is the one in which they are smallest, since they will have great learning ability and remember. On the contrary, the older they get, the more difficult it is for them to change their habits or behavior. Therefore, when it comes to adopting or buying a cat, one of the first steps you will need to take is raising it.

You must earn their trust in order to give them a good education.You must earn their trust in order to give them a good education.

It is important to remember that these animals have nothing in common with dogs. Typically cats they are calmer but also more moody, independent and lonely. That is, their socialization is usually less, and sometimes changing habits can be more difficult. To do this, it is important not to force something on them, but gradually, through constant training, to make them understand what is right and what is wrong. Patience is essential in this process and in turn It is not recommended to use punishment as a teaching method.. However, the ideal is to reward good behavior or attitude so that they realize they are doing well and begin repeating the behavior without reminders.

Be that as it may, to carry out the education of this animal it is important that everyone family members cooperate this is where we can contribute. Even if a cat has only one owner, it will be more beneficial for its upbringing if everyone who lives in this house rows in the same direction. Something that can help them avoid certain learning mistakes such as:

It is important that all family members raise him equally.It is important that all family members raise him equally.
  • Train them like dogs: As mentioned above, you should know how to tell a cat from a dog. They are pets, but their lifestyle is completely different, and therefore the way they are formed. Whether the cat submits to the action will depend one hundred percent on its will.
  • Without wasting time on them: Training a cat takes time that cannot be determined. In some cases this will be faster than in others, but there is no doubt that you need to gain the animal’s trust, affection and respect in order to find a good harmony that will allow the cat to behave accordingly.
  • Say yes to violence: Neither yelling nor aggressive behavior will be the key to getting your cat to behave as expected. In fact, they will cause even greater rejection on the part of the animal and make it more difficult to raise and train.

What habits should you teach your cat?

There are some aspects that a cat needs to be house trained:

It is important that they learn how to use the sandbox.It is important that they learn how to use the sandbox.
  1. Use sandbox: Because of the inconvenience caused by not doing so, litter box use is one of the most important lessons for any cat owner. Hygiene is important and it should be routine for the animal to relieve itself in a specific and appropriate place. Therefore, you will have to choose the perfect litter box and place it in a place where the cat will have some privacy and at the same time easy access. In addition, you will also have to clean it every day to make it more convenient for the cat to use it.
  2. Don’t bite: Although biting or scratching a cat is not always harmful, it is unpleasant and even dangerous if the cat does not learn that it is bad. However, it is obvious that due to their condition, when playing with certain objects, they pull out their nails and scratch them.
  3. Destroy the furniture: The ideal solution to prevent them from breaking household items or furniture is to buy them a scratching post that will allow them to satisfy their need to use their claws.
  4. Do not climb on furniture: Although there are those who decide to give them permission to do so, for reasons of hygiene it is advisable to avoid this. Especially in the kitchen, where ingredients and foods that will be consumed are processed.
  5. Don’t meow: Meowing is something typical of these animals, it is their way of expressing themselves, so it should not be avoided. However, there are those who, without any reason or reason, spend the night making these sounds, which can cause insomnia in their household. Therefore, this aspect needs to be controlled.

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