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This style comes directly from the rustic style with an American touch, an option that is characterized by warmth and tranquility provided by the use of light colors and natural wood.

Country style is one of the trends that is gradually beginning to dominate the world of interior design. It comes directly from country houses with American elements and revolves around simplicity, comfort and functionality. And we are talking not only about decorating houses with country motifs, but also about choosing appropriate materials and colors. This type of country style decoration is ideal for a second home where you usually spend holidays or weekends and which is located in the countryside or away from the city. However, if you live in a big city, don’t worry as you can easily decorate your home with this trend and therefore, every time you enter it, you will be overwhelmed by the peace and tranquility of the countryside. If you’re thinking about giving your home an updated look and country style is one of the options you’re considering, below we’ll give you some tips about this type of decorating.

Country style is beginning to become part of the decorative trends.Country style is beginning to become part of the decorative trends.

The importance of color and material

The color palette of country style is traditionally characterized using light colors such as white, beige or pastel yellow or orange. However, lately it has become very fashionable to pair them with brighter shades such as red, orange, green or blue, or even darker shades such as black or grey. In any case, it is recommended to paint the walls a light color, and the brightest colors are only small touches in the form of decorative elements, such as sofa cushions, a chest of drawers or a picture hanging on the wall. Other recommendations when decorating the walls of a country house are to cover them with paper with printed structural motifs or even wood panels.

Wood is one of the most important materials in this type of interior decoration, especially in the case of furniture. When choosing them, you should give preference to simple designs with simple lines and, above all, whose wood has not been varnished or treated with any product. And that’s what The main thing is that the wood is as natural and “wild” as possible.. When it comes to wood choice, oak or maple are some of the most commonly used in country styles. However, wood is used not only for furniture, but also for finishing the ceilings of rooms or floors in the form of large aged boards, which can also be replaced with slabs of natural stone.

Wood is one of the most important materials in this type of interior decoration.Wood is one of the most important materials in this type of interior decoration.

Living room: center of the house

This room is usually where the family gathers most of the time, so it should be warm and welcoming. In the case of country style decor, it is almost mandatory to have a fireplace or, otherwise, a vintage-style stove. The floor should be covered with earth colored rugs with ethnic patterns and the curtains can be plain, floral or linear patterns.. When choosing a sofa, it is important to choose a model with armrests and upholstery in a material such as linen or cotton. However, you can also choose a brown leather option. Of course, what should not be missing are pillows. Finally, don’t forget to add a wardrobe with a mirror or a rocking chair with a distressed effect.

How to decorate the kitchen

Although it may seem that Country style can be attributed to dull rooms, the kitchen should be the opposite: spacious and airy. To achieve this, one option is to paint cabinets and cupboards a light color and use wooden handles. The walls can be painted yellow or red, which is not too durable and also Install curtains in a color such as beige or light grey, plain or with a floral print.. As for the dining table – be it in the kitchen or in the dining room itself – ideally it should be made of solid wood and surrounded by light colored leather chairs. and that they are especially comfortable. And the moment of eating and the subsequent afternoon meal are very important in the village way of life.

A Country style kitchen should be spacious and airy.A Country style kitchen should be spacious and airy.

The bedroom should convey tranquility

When decorating each room of the house, it is necessary to take into account that all elements should create a calm atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The bed should have a comfortable mattress and a wooden frame. At the foot you can place a large aged chest or a rustic bench.. And it is very important that there is a lot of wood, both in the bedside table and in the chest of drawers or closet. Textiles are also very important: the bedspread and sheets on the bed should be light, and the rugs can combine bolder colors with different patterns.

The bathroom is also important

Today, the bathroom is one of the parts of the house that has been conquered by the most modern and minimalist style. And functionality is mistakenly attributed to the latest technologies. However, in a country style, you should choose a much more rustic decor with high presence of materials such as chromium, nickel, bronze or iron on different taps. It is also advisable to opt for a more traditional shower or bath and remember to add a unique touch by placing candles in strategic places as well as vases of flowers.

rustic bathroom furniture They will be the final clue to what we are looking for.

All elements should create a calm environmentAll elements should create a calm environment

Very careful with details

No decoration is truly complete until the finishing touches are added in the form of decorative details. Country style Flowers are very important not only as a print, but also for decorating different rooms.. It is advisable to keep them fresh to add a touch of color and aroma to your home. Other elements such as candles should also not be missing, especially in the autumn and winter months, as well as pictures with rustic motifs or wicker elements such as baskets or tables. When choosing mirrors, they should be large and in bronze frames., while for lamps it is best to opt for copper, steel or zinc structures. Finally, don’t forget to place a horse shoe either as a hanger, like in some room of the house, or on the lintel of your front door to bring good luck.

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