Decoration: What is color blocking

This new trend originating from the fashion world is becoming very popular for decorating your home and giving it a little life.

Color blocking is a decorating technique that uses knowledge of colors and how to combine them to refresh and refresh furniture and other items in the home, giving them a new style, more modern, fresh and adapted to the tastes of each person.

This decoration trend It originates in the world of fashion.more precisely in street style, and consisted of combining several single-colored clothing items of opposite or complementary colors in order to emphasize a certain color through the contrast of different shades.

If you want to infuse your home with color, this technique is for you.If you want to infuse your home with color, this technique is for you.

Although color blocking is not a new trend in the fashion world, it is true that in the decor world been in use for a short time, but with very gorgeous results. If you want to know everything about this decorating technique and how to implement it in your home, keep reading this article.

The only rule of color blocking

If you are tired or tired of your home being all white, with brown, gray or black tones and you want to change up the ambiance of your home a little by infusing it with color, color blocking is your method. However, as with all types of decorating, there are some rules that you must follow, and in color blocking you should focus on just one: harmony.

You should create combinations with all types of flowers.You should create combinations with all types of flowers.

It’s time to create combinations full of color, light and vitality, any color is appropriate: green, yellow, blue, orange, red, etc. However, it is very important to create harmony between all of them, as in the color of the walls, as well as furniture and accessories that complement your home. For example, if you want the bright color of your home to be yellow or mustard yellow, You also won’t be able to add blues, greens, and pinks because your home will end up being saturated. And if you want yellow to be a standout color, you should use other complementary colors such as white, black, gray or even navy blue so that yellow is the main character of your home or the room you have chosen.

What can we use this technique for?

Can be color blocked from your entire home to one room to some furniture.. You set the limit and as long as you follow the one rule of this decorating technique, you can apply it to any place or object you imagine.

If you want to do this on furniture, you can apply it to both wood and melanin furniture. Like in glass, metal and even upholstery materials. While this method can be used on all types of furniture, it works best on furniture with drawers or chests of drawers.

There will be no monotony with this technique.There will be no monotony with this technique.

It’s because we can choose a pattern for the drawers and paint them a bright color for example yellow or red and paint the rest in complementary colors to give your furniture another life and make it more modern, beautiful, vibrant and of course unique as no one can have the same one as you.

additional colors

In color blocking there is no place for monotony and for this purpose the combination additional colors needed and one of the strengths of this decoration technique. Many people prefer to choose three colors of different intensities each to apply this technique, however, if you do not want to take risks or are still hesitant to use this technique, you can choose pastel colors as complementary colors.

Perhaps you have ever thought about buy a mustard or red sofa, a dark blue table or a few green chairs. But because of the fear of not knowing how to combine them, you did not dare to choose these colors and in the end you chose white or gray. Well, with color blocking, you can put those fears behind you and start taking risks when decorating your home.

Do not exclude any color combination.Do not exclude any color combination.

If you want that mustard sofa you love so much, you don’t have to give up that navy blue table you saw and fell in love with to have these two pieces of furniture and pair them well. all you have to do is soften the visual weight the rest of the decor features more neutral tones such as white, gray and even black. For example, the chairs can be gray, the TV stand can be black, and the pillows can match the chairs. On the walls you can again choose gray or creamy white.

But if, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on new furniture, you can use this method. paint existing furniture. Choose to paint the table a white or charcoal tone and the chairs a dark green, buy pillows in the same shade of green and mustard and little by little you will see the style of your home come and go. , filling with color.

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