Don’t label your kids by their grades

Many parents tend to push their children’s youthful disappointments into careers for which they cannot study, sports for which they have no talent, and hobbies for which they have neither time nor money. Any parent wants the best for their children, but in many cases, That level of demand leads to greater consequences More negative than positive.

Specifically When your grades come in at school, because under no circumstances should children be named by number in school examinations. That number, those grades at the end of the quarter or at the end of the course, do not determine your children’s intelligence, commitment or abilities. Grades can vary throughout a course for a myriad of reasons and if you expect that number to be higher, the disappointment can be overwhelming if your child doesn’t come home with the grades you expected.

Grades don’t come first

Numbers appear on report cards, the number obtained by averaging several grades obtained over a period of time. Maybe at some point during the course Your son has overcome difficulties, which may have affected the final grade. But even if these are not standards that you can accept, they may be standards that your child can achieve with all his efforts.

Many parents tend to take out their teenage frustrations on their children.Many parents tend to take out their teenage frustrations on their children.

Because maybe The expectations you set for your child are not realistic., or they don’t take your child’s abilities into account, and therefore, they always disappoint you. But that doesn’t mean your child isn’t smart or as smart as you want them to be. So, instead of evaluating that last class that represents a complete study, value the hours and days of effort you put in so that your grades are the best. Because for most kids, getting good or bad grades will make their parents happy.

Your child may not be good at math or languages. But it doesn’t have to be, either. Because life is not ideal, or do not tower over other children. Of course your child will be good at other things and these are the things you need to find and improve because that will be where your child can stand out.

Labels excluded, do not add

Nowadays, when there is so much struggle to include functionally diverse people, all people, All children are different. A child does not necessarily have a disability to be excluded because of a label. If your child’s scores are very low, according to your criteria, do not label your child as lazy, unintelligent or compare him to other children or his siblings.

The subjects studied in school are importantThe subjects studied in school are important

On the other hand, you can negatively influence the child’s behavior. Because if his parents tell him that he is lazy, that he doesn’t try hard enough, or that he is stupid, that child may take on that role. Why are you going to work harder or study longer to improve your grades? Maybe your dad or mom won’t be happy It is easy for the child to assume that he is not a good student.

Above all, Labeling children only serves to marginalize themDividing them according to their abilities.

Scores do not indicate a child’s abilities

Lessons learned in school are important, but they are not the most important thing. Values ​​taught at home, emotional intelligence, empathy, togetherness, are things that will really help your child become a responsible adult. Help your child develop their skills, teach them tools to manage time, organize priorities and distribute their tasks.

Instead of punishing the child for getting very low marks, try to understand why the child’s scores are lower than what you expected. You should work with your child and set aside time to do some tasks that are easy for him.

Be close enough that your child can talk to you and ask for help without fear.

Maybe your son needs you to work with himMaybe your son needs you to work with him

Because your child should not see you as an enemy, but if he receives negativity and aggression when he comes home with his grades, He can’t trust you to improve his grades In future. The most important thing is to make the child strive, strive to give the best version of himself without competing with anyone else. That will be the best lesson you can give him, the tools he needs to give the best of his personality.

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