Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine’s Day.

If there’s a very important day on your calendar but you can’t think of anything to do, take note because in addition to giving gifts, you’ll be helping the environment.

Valentine’s Day is a moment chosen primarily by lovers to show how much you love that special person, the one who makes the days more enjoyable and gives a special color, so it also This is a great reason to surprise and give a gift they will keep forever.

If you are tired of giving the same thing every year and want May this Valentine’s Day be different.Keep reading the article because we have the best ideas for him to surprise you this year with a romantic gift that is also eco-friendly. Gift for a loved one as long as you care about the planet and protect Mother Earth, there’s more than enough reason to get to work, right?

Eco-friendly and romantic gift ideas

Love and eco-friendliness can go hand in hand, so on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, you can surprise the person you love most with one of the following ideas we suggest below. Eco-friendly gifts for everyone, for those who prefer a home layout and for lovers of all things action and adventure, for the classics and for those who want something innovative this year.

This Valentine’s Day, give love to nature and show that special someone what you love. but also how much you love the planetDon’t get carried away by impulsive consumerism and choose one of the following plans.

Decorate your T-shirt and make it specialDecorate your T-shirt and make it special

DIY T-shirt with a romantic message

Buy a T-shirt made from organic and eco-friendly cotton and unleash your inner designer by creating unique and original T-shirt for a loved one. You can dye the t-shirt using natural dyes and add a romantic message using the template. You can use hemp rope and newspaper to wrap the gift.

Letter of solidarity

If you don’t know what to give yet, but want to make a nice gesture to your partner, as well as the world, this is your gift. Create a romantic letter expressing everything your partner means to you, and you can add a voucher or receipt to the envelope. contributed to or supported a charitable cause or support, there will be no better gift than this. Do your part to develop or improve the planet this Valentine’s Day.

Recycled flower bouquet

Before you pay a high price for a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you make your own bouquet of flowers. and use of recycled materials. You can make roses from fabric and carnations from pinocchio paper, it’s very easy to make, and you can use newspaper as wrapping paper, a nice bow, and you have an economical and long lasting gift.

Enjoy nature togetherEnjoy nature together

Adventure in the mountains

If your partner is one of those who prefers adventures in the lap of nature, it is time for you to book your place and get ready for adrenaline-pumping activities. You can complete the previous route and then go bungee jumping, one of the activities that has gained the most followers in recent years, and you can finish with a nice picnic, yes, collecting and recycling everything what do you eat in the forest.

Tree of his life

They say that to live a fulfilling life you need to have a baby, write a book and plant a tree, but this Valentine’s Day you can start with something simple: plant a tree. Plant a tree in a place that means a lot to you two, It can also be a beautiful plant and show him that your love will never end.

Give a book that is environmentally friendlyGive a book that is environmentally friendly

Ecological recipe book.

Luckily, today we can find hundreds of organic publishers who are publishing books you’ll fall in love with. Unless your partner is a great chef in the kitchen, there will be no more practical gifts than to give him an ecological recipe book. Of course, let him know that everything you learn in the book you will have to put into practice. Is a romantic dinner just around the corner?

Vouchers for the best sunsets

Giving vouchers for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary is becoming a classic; the problem is that in most cases these vouchers are not taken into account and end up in a forgotten drawer. Now you can be a little more originalHow about vouchers to see the best sunsets? Instead of writing on paper that you’d like to see sunsets with him or her, you can print out photos of sunsets or beaches you’ve been to together and put a sweet message on the back, such as: and the date you’ll be able to see them again. This is a gift that takes time, but at the same time it will be the most romantic and original you can find.

Giving a gift for Valentine’s Day or celebrating an anniversary in a romantic way doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money. happiness lies in small moments and details. Forget about consumer gifts and take care of the planet by giving environmental gifts.

Romantic dinner with fair trade products.

On February 14, you don’t have to book a table in a good restaurant; you can become or show what a good chef you are. Typically, Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for restaurants, so quite often, if you haven’t made a reservation in advance, there won’t be a table available for that day. It’s time for you to get to work and cook your favorite dish using fair trade ingredients.

Choose a special lunch or dinnerChoose a special lunch or dinner

Fair trade focuses on a collaborative economy, organic products that follow artisanal production or collection and in turn help people or communities in developing countries continue to implement collaborative projects. and humanitarian aid. You can prepare traditional recipes using fair trade products from other countries and try fusion cuisine.

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