Emilia Clarke – Hair like Becca Bellissa

Midi hair, updos or pixie short are some of the hairstyles worn by actress Emilia Clarke.

The end of ‘Game of Thrones’ is very close. Fans of the series will soon find out who survived, died or became a White Walker in the bloody and epic battle to be crowned King or Queen of Westeros. One of the possible candidates to win this coveted title Daenerys TargaryenOne of the longest-lived and beloved characters in fiction.

Actress Emilia Clarke, a young British woman who brought this powerful woman to life for eight seasons of the drama, won a role in a series that made history on the small screen. In fact, this work served the translator Fame is a direct catapult. Before entering the George RR Martin universe, Emilia landed a role in the BBC series Doctors and another as a co-star in Triassic Attack.

However, in 2011 he joined HBO star production, in which he will play one of the basic elements of the plot. As a result of this role, fans will not only see the British girl riding a dragon. The young actress has acted in some films including ‘Terminator Genesis’, ‘Me Before You’ and ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

Targaryen style

Although Emilia Clarke is mostly known for her role in ‘Game of Thrones’, she has shown that she doesn’t just conquer kingdoms. actress Astounded On every red carpet he walked. Her beauty, worthy of a Targaryen, matches the look she has worn on many occasions. Famous for her long blonde hair in the HBO series, the actress has a very different look than the one she presents in Westeros.

If you want to feel like a Khaleesi, we bring you a rigorous analysis of the actress’ hairstyles. As with other events, we’ve broken down her wide range of looks into four big blocks, which are typically the most worn looks by Brits. This is a case of waves, a hairstyle that has been repeated on many occasions, For red carpet and casual travel.

However, we have not forgotten the incredible transformation the translator has experienced in his career. So we have reserved a place for you too Amazing change in appearanceFrom midi brown hair to a Targaryen pixie, do you want to feel like the mother of dragons? Follow Emilia Clarke’s style!


Every celebrity has a classic look that they repeat on different dates. One hairstyle that can save you from more than one problem is waves. In addition, the trend of informal and undone hairstyles XL Terry. This is a wavy hairstyle that gives a natural effect with falling curls.

Emilia Clarke's different looks with irreversible wavesEmilia Clarke’s different looks with irreversible waves

Well, this is one of the most common hairstyles of British people. Emilia, who has both midi hair and a pixie, has not forgotten this hairstyle Not old fashioned. The interpreter wears it in the middle or depending on the side Vol Whatever you want for every second. To show off these types of waves, you can use a hair straightener and create the curls you want. You can use a hair dryer and create the shape with your own hands.

Midi hair

The hairstyle Emilia Clarke wears in real life is completely different from the hairstyle she presents in Game of Thrones. Mother of Dragons. The actress always wears her hair short, neck length or less. In her first appearance on the red carpet, we saw a smiling Emilia with straight cut, XL curls or mirrored hair.

Different looks of actress Emilia Clarke with midi hairDifferent looks of actress Emilia Clarke with midi hair

The truth is, this beauty is perfect for any occasion, be it casual or a formal date. It is convenient, Comb quickly and defines facial features. How to style it to enhance the natural shape of the hair or face is important. If you want a more voluminous look, opt for waves. On the other hand, if you have fine hair, try mirror hair, one of the beauty trends of the moment.

was taken

What is the perfect hairstyle for an elegant event? Some celebrities are clear on this. Loose hair, whether wavy or straight, looks great. Hair has a great advantage and it can be styled in thousands of ways. A hairstyle that keeps us out of trouble and the center of all cameras bread.

Actress Emilia Clarke's various looks with upgradesActress Emilia Clarke’s various looks with upgrades

Emilia Clarke, the actress who pairs this type of hairstyle with stunning outfits, knows very well. Also, the British woman does not distinguish any development, she tries many styles. In this way, we saw Emilia both together Collected less As in semi-superimposed. It depends on the design, accessories and makeup I choose for each moment.

Change and look

A change is not a bad thing, especially when we are talking about the beauty industry. Try with New hairstyles It breaks the routine, refreshes you with a new and different image. Also, each change usually represents an important chapter in your life. It’s like turning the page and starting a new phase with a different cut.

Different looks of Emilia Clarke with pixie shortsDifferent looks of Emilia Clarke with pixie shorts

In the case of Emilia Clarke, the actress decided to get close to her ‘Game of Thrones’ character. In several interviews, he has already joked about his obsession with Daenerys Targaryen’s hairstyle. In fact, she commented that she didn’t want to take off her wig after filming Fiction. Finally, the translator decided to pass From midi brown hair to platinum blonde pixie short, as worn by members of House Targaryen. ‘Game of Thrones’ may be over, but it’s clear that the Mother of Dragons has a place on our very own Iron Throne.

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