Estee Lauder donates two million dollars in collaboration with the production of disinfectant gel

Cosmetics company Esteé Lauder is joining the fight against the coronavirus by producing disinfectant gels and donating a total of $2 million.

He Alert status The global health crisis has led to the need to quickly raise awareness and organize effectively to control this epidemic by reducing the epidemic curve. Like the skincare company Nivea or the brand, many companies have joined the fight and made their resources available to healthcare organizations. Clarins.

One of the fashion houses to join recently is cosmetics giant Estee Lauder. About a month ago, the company launched two of its latest collections, on the one hand the Spring/Summer 2020 collection and, in addition, a makeup line run by founder Lauder’s granddaughter. But the situation changes and the group works Assisting Specialists Every day they take to the streets and express themselves as others do not.

Esteé Lauder Labs is in the worksEsteé Lauder Labs is in the works

To fight this virus more actively, the beauty company has decided to reopen it New York Factories For the production of hydroalcoholic gel. This product is currently essential to eliminate CoVid19 due to its disinfectant capacity, but due to the saturation of sanitation, the existing stock is insufficient.

Estee Lauder continues the fight against Covid-19

“Estee Lauder proud of Estée Lauder will be part of the companies contributing to the broader COVID-19 relief efforts by reopening a manufacturing facility in Melville, New York, this week to produce hand sanitizer for groups and people in high need, including frontline medical workers. We thank the staff who worked tirelessly to make this possible. Compensated, volunteer staff will support this important and significant initiative,” the house announced via social media.

More and more cosmetic companies are producing disinfectant gelsMore and more cosmetic companies are producing disinfectant gels

As Esteé Lauder has made clear, this support will be reserved mainly for healthcare professionals, nursing and medical professionals. Along with this huge contribution, the company has pledged to donate Two million dollars For Doctors Without Borders, who is responsible for investing in global pandemic control.

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