Estee Lauder founder’s granddaughter launches her own cosmetics line: ‘Act IV’

Young Danielle Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder’s founder, presents her first makeup collection, ‘Act IV’.

The iconic Estée Lauder brand has passed down its founder’s talents from generation to generation to his granddaughter, Danielle Lauder. Young Lauder has ventured to launch her own line of cosmetics called ‘Act IV’. Represents strength and femininity Under the motto Will be a star “.

Daniel Lauder poses with promotional images for 'Act IV'Daniel Lauder poses with promotional images for ‘Act IV’

Apart from creating and designing the stylish packaging of the collection, the girl was also a part of it Spot production And an advertising campaign Line images Makeup. With an aesthetic where pinks meet women’s most feminine and seductive side, Danielle Lander shows her most daring and fun side.

How about a Daniel Lauder collection?

Capsule designed Daniel Lauder It contains many basic products to create a good makeup like mattifying primer or highlighter. In addition to cosmetics, young Lauder has added a collection of face, cheek and eye brushes that are sensational for achieving the perfect makeup look.

To hide imperfections, prevent shine and shine, it has introduced a skin maker, ‘ Cinematic ‘, which gives the skin a matte finish. If you want to lighten the skin, especially the ‘T’ zone of the face, powders, ‘ Party Buff ‘, will be your best allies because of their subtle and long-lasting finish. Following the face illumination, Daniel Lauder introduces a highlighter in the new collection, ‘ Spotlike ‘, which has a base of golden tones on which mauve pigments rest, which transforms the product brilliantly. Any kind of color.

'Luxe Lip Creme' lipstick from 'Act IV'‘Luxe Lip Creme’ lipstick from ‘Act IV’

Cosmetics dedicated to lips are one of the main characters in ‘Act IV’. Creamy lipsticks with a pearl finish, ‘ Luxe Lip Cream ‘, found in coral orange and soft pink, two great shades for everyday makeup. Focusing on skin care, before applying lipstick, lauder’ Lip duet ‘, a dual balm that leaves behind a sheer moisturizer and a specific red tint.

Lastly and closing the collection, an eyeshadow palette is missing. ‘ Great movie Bringing four colors in matte and metallic tones, it pairs perfectly with other ‘Act IV’ products. The cosmetics house advises adding eyeshadows that are formulated with a good eye outline to enhance the look.

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