Esteé Lauder is getting ahead of summer with ‘Bronze Goddess’

Best cosmetics company Esteé Lauder welcomes the good weather with its new range of products, launching its Spring/Summer 2020 collection ‘Bronze Goddess’.

He Winter is ending Spring begins to invade the cities with the sun and the floral scent that is so characteristic of that time. In the same way, brands update their products and introduce lines with time. The protagonist on this occasion is the cosmetics company Estee Lauder, which every year presents a new specific collection, this 2020 presents ‘ Bronze goddess ‘ It promises to be a favorite to enjoy good weather.

Shadows of the Bronze GoddessShadows of the Bronze Goddess

This new line comes with both skin care and create-your-own makeup products. A shadow palette with mirror, including classic highlighters available in three shades and a moisturizing cream, essential for sun-exposed skin, and finally, perfume.

What’s in the news for Estee Lauder?

The jewel of the collection is undoubtedly the shadow palette presented in a metallic finish. Ethnic details It simulates the aesthetic of a compass and has a blue stone in the center which adds color to the design. This product offers six different shades that lie between the cold borders of the earth, grays and blues, unusual colors for summer. As for the effect, some of them have a matte finish and others have glossy pigments.

Highlighters are an essential cosmetic product for any makeup look. Being a collection dedicated to summer, the brand took into account the desire to achieve that glowing-effect makeup to stand out among the large number of festivals and attendees. For this, Esteé Lauder offers three different shades (‘Heatwave’, ‘Modern Mercury’ and ‘Solar Crush’), all with a pearlescent finish and color that facilitates a relaxed but classy look.

This is 'Bronze Goddess Azure' perfumeThis is ‘Bronze Goddess Azure’ perfume

And of course, when it comes to the summer season, where The first rays A moisturizing cream that protects skin from the sun at home is included in the collection. For this, the product is made from natural oils that provide flexibility, decongestant caffeine and sodium hyaluronate with hydrophilic properties. This way you will achieve an achievement Soft color And your health will remain the same.

Finally, Estee Lauder has added a fragrance called ‘Bronze Goddess Azure’. A fresh and sophisticated fragrance inspired by the charm of the French Riviera, an ideal destination especially during the summer months. The perfume has a Citrus base They include Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamot and Calabrian mandarin. It is perfect for those who have a habit of changing their perfumes depending on the season and those who prefer a light fragrance during the warmer months.

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