Everything you can do during quarantine

Reading, exercising, cooking… There are countless things you can do at home, whether you’re alone or with company.

Mandatory quarantine imposed by the government has forced all Spaniards to stay at home while waiting for the coronavirus to end. However, the health crisis is becoming more serious, From home we can make everything better and if you want to kill time, pay attention and find out how you can do it.

Sports at home

Sitting all day and doing nothing leads to a sedentary lifestyle, however, there are ways to correct this and those who cannot console themselves because they do not want to, because there are many ways to exercise at home. There are those who have a patio and take advantage of the opportunity to spend time outdoors to do something. but if this is not the case and you don’t have a rugA mat or towel can help you establish a daily routine.

Find exercises that even the smallest ones at home can do.Find exercises that even the smallest ones at home can do.

Steps, squats, squats, planks… any exercise is beneficial if you want to strengthen your butt or stomach. There are many tutorials on social media for beginners., and we can adapt according to our capabilities. If you want a more dynamic gymnastics routine, many people choose Batuka or Zumba, don’t let anything stop you!


Let yourself be carried away by the music and don’t be ashamed, you’re alone at home so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The best thing about being able to dance at your leisure The point is that you are also moving, so if you don’t like to exercise, you can also choose this very healthy option.

Let yourself be carried away by the musicLet yourself be carried away by the music

For those who want to have more fun and stay updated, there is an app called Tik Tok, which has become very trendy, especially among the little ones, to perform fun choreographies. And if you want to learn to dance Like the professionals, there are also many training programs for Seville, Bachata or Tango dance.


Surely, probably you always had an urgent book that, because of N or B, you could not or did not want to read. But now that you have time, you can return to that passion and enjoy some fiction you can relax with. You can also inculcate the habit of reading the smallest and travel, although now we cannot, through the pages of a book.

It's time to enjoy a fantastic bookIt’s time to enjoy a fantastic book

And to take it even further, perhaps you enjoy writing in addition to reading. Develop your imagination and creativity in these moments when lack of time is not a hindrance and we can take things more calmly.

Discover new recipes

Again, this activity can bring the family together even more, but it’s also a relaxing activity if you’re home alone. Again social networks can serve as a source of inspirationas well as YouTube channels dedicated solely to posting recipes.

Cooking is a good family activity.Cooking is a good family activity.

Of course, it’s time to sharpen our ingenuity because we cannot leave the house to buy any ingredient that we lack, but only what is necessary to continue our daily lives. So one more time you have to have imaginationnot only in the manufacture of blanks, but also in the lining of the store.

Draw a mandala

Drawing, like writing, encourages us to develop our imagination, and now is the time to do it. Whether you have children or nottake the opportunity to enjoy an aspect that may have been unknown to you.

Drawing makes us relaxDrawing makes us relax

And if you want to relax, draw mandalasbecause coloring every nook and cranny can be good therapy in those times when we are overwhelmed by uncertainty and don’t know what will happen.

Arrange an impromptu photo shoot

You can achieve incredible results with minimal effort, and you don’t need a professional camera to take beautiful photos. Just with the help of the mobile phones that we now have at our disposal, we can take frame-worthy photographs.

Use your camera and let your imagination run wildUse your camera and let your imagination run wild

The most important thing in this business is to always have good light, although the most important thing in the process, and if you have company during quarantine, is that you have fun during the process. Later, after taking your photos, you can edit them using a huge range of filters that exist in countless applications.

serial marathon

And don’t let anything stop you because the moment has come when you can enjoy the series you’ve been wanting to see without losing a single detail of any of the chapters. There are countless platforms with incredible offers for any audience, any age, any subject… And not only TV series, but also films of all times.

Lie down on the sofa and don't miss the best works of artLie down on the sofa and don’t miss the best works of art

Watch a series you’ve been watching in fits and starts, share your impressions and have fun without leaving the couch. Watching TV with the whole family will never go out of style. so take advantage of these moments.

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