Factories such as Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain are now dedicated to making free disinfectant hand gel.

LVMH has put some of its resources into producing some of its most expensive goods amid the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

What appeared to be a health crisis in the East at the beginning of 2020, precisely, became one in the West when it stopped being one on the other side of the world. Countries like Spain and Italy are already in lockdown with the sole aim of minimizing and localizing the coronavirus outbreak. Other European countries have begun taking steps to reduce entry and exit from the country.

But before being called Covid-19, it was considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Fear among the citizens reached the level of mass hysteria and psychosis Due to fear of infection and hygiene products Disinfectant gels and face masks started out as 21st century gold Stocks are completely exhausted and even a black market for these types of products has started to develop through the Internet.

Brands sell face masks at high prices |  Photo: Off WhiteBrands sell face masks at high prices | Photo: Off White

For the same reason, and before France reached this kind of situation, the financial group LVHM has replaced the factories of three major beauty brands -Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain- Among the large scale disinfectant gel manufacturers : “All production units of perfume and cosmetic brands in France will produce disinfectant gels from Monday, March 16,” the group explained in a statement. This gel They will be provided free of charge to the French health authorities and, “priority”, Paris.

“Through this citizen effort, LVHM wants to contribute to responding to the risk of shortages of goods seen in France and allowing a large number of people to adopt good habits to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus. “, further noted. This service will be maintained “as long as needed” and as long as this critical situation lasts to mitigate the epidemic.

Free gel, masks 200 euros

But while some of its cosmetics factories are already dedicated to the production of free disinfectant gel, those dedicated to the manufacture of luxury clothing continue to make progress. With production of masks signed by major houses And they sell them at an absolute premium. Gucci, Urban Outfitters, Off-White or Louis Vuitton Among their accessories are these fabric pieces with animated prints with price tags Over 200 euros.

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