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Decorating a home is a complex task that includes the flooring. It is very important to decide which one is most convenient for caring for your home.

It is normal that we want to take care of our home since it is the place where we usually spend the most time and where we usually enjoy our loved ones or our solitude by relaxing or doing what we enjoy most. Therefore, home decoration will probably be one of our priorities when we move, and also keep it clean and tidy throughout the day.

When decorating a home, there are many elements to consider, such as furniture or decorative items, as well as household appliances, which we must use in daily life with basic functions such as food preservation or preparation, such as a toilet, etc. In addition, decoration the inside of the house will not be the same as the outside, so we will have to devote exact time in order to make better decisions that will benefit us and that we will enjoy for a long time.

Decorating your home is a very important part that requires precise timing.Decorating your home is a very important part that requires precise timing.

For many years parquet It was very fashionable and you can find this type of flooring in many homes. However, more and more households they place a bet on the platform. Therefore, before choosing between these two materials, it is best to know them well and seek advice from a professional in the field, as both can be quite expensive and you will likely want to make a decision that will last longer and be the most effective. practical and aesthetically pleasing for your home.

What is better for me: flooring or parquet?

Each material has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Thus, it must be taken into account that parquet in the form in which it was originally conceived, especially in the fifties, when it became most fashionable, is wood sheets, cut to the same shape and size, solid, which are glued to the concrete so that they create a uniform pattern across the entire floor. In those places where the entire sheet does not fit, a piece is cut off, which, if necessary, can be added to another place.

These solid wood sheets are usually quite delicate, so they cannot be cleaned with cleaning products. any cleaning product, but the floor must be waxed from time to time until it maintains its roughness and shine. A special product is applied, which must be allowed to dry to perfection, polishing the floor with a special machine for this function.

To clean and care for parquet, you will have to use a specific product.To clean and care for parquet, you will have to use a specific product.

Most people who have hardwood floors in their home do not have such a machine or special cleaning products, so they need a professional to perform this function and leave the hardwood floor in place in perfect condition. Results are usually visible and flatteringbut you will have to give the professionals time to work, move furniture aside to be able to reach all corners of the floor and avoid entering the areas where the procedure is being performed for the time specified by the professional.

If you have pets or small children in your home, wood flooring is the best solution.If you have pets or small children in your home, wood flooring is the best solution.

if you have pets or Small children At home, be aware that more objects can fall onto the floor, which can cause stains or tears in hardwood floors, something less likely to happen in subflooring. Additionally, if any liquid is spilled, the solid wood may crack, which is less likely with a platform, and keep in mind that you can do the daily cleaning and maintenance of the platform yourself at home using a wider range of products. products, and what if any plate breaks, Change it This will be much easier than replacing one of the parquet sheets, which are usually glued to a piece of concrete, and may have to lift the entire floor, otherwise it will be visible that it is a different sheet, since it will make the others look less new. time flow.

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