Get a beautiful facial cleansing routine with Kiko’s new ‘Pure Clear’ range

The innovations of the Italian company include a micellar water, available in three different formulas for each skin type, which deeply cleans and purifies the face.

Every routine Facial care and cleansing is essential So the skin is youthful and hydrated. In any cosmetic procedure, one of the most important steps comes when removing makeup. The latter, though outside the process of creating an impression, Mark the difference If you want your makeup to look good and your skin to look clean. Knowing this, Kiko wanted to introduce new cleansers to the market that promised to cleanse the face. ‘pure clear’.

This new line was created in total The seven products are divided into three groups or categories. This classification is due to the fact that the Italian cosmetics brand wanted to design three cleansing products For every skin typeThat means three products for oily skin, three for normal skin and three for dry skin.

A complete facial care line from Kiko Milano CosmeticsA complete facial care line from Kiko Milano Cosmetics

Promising deep cleansing, this new range, in addition to the micellar technology in its micellar water, is a Anti Pollution Action It promises not to damage the skin’s natural pH. This is possible because of their light generation, because they are easy to use and because they are available Enriched with ingredients of natural origin.

Waterproof makeup proof

Available with different formulas depending on the skin type of the consumer, this new range of facial cleansers from Kiko Remove any traces of makeup from the face waterproof The micelles in the composition of these products help attract all the impurities present, leaving the skin soft, refined and beautiful.

Promotional image of Kiko Milano's new facial care productsPromotional image of Kiko Milano’s new face care products

Includes nine products Two phase materials It protects the hydrolytic mantle of the skin and respects the delicate areas of the face such as the lips and eye area. Also, there are others but they are more relevant to present Matte or oil finish Tailored to each individual’s needs.

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