Ginger stars in new Kenzoki creams

Kenzo brings a face care line rich in trace elements from mineral salts, essential oils and ginger.

Ginger has been a much-maligned ingredient in Asian cosmetics for years. Being the best ally against tired skin and its rejuvenation, Kenzoki wants to include it in its new range of face products. Moisturizer and body serum.

Products of natural origin

Grown in the sandy soil plains, the new KenzoKi creams are created Vegetable juice extracted from ginger. It is high in mineral salts, Essential oils and important trace elements against skin aging. ‘ Ginger Micro Bubble Cream ‘and’ Serum Lotion Ginger ‘ are the main protagonists of this collection and promise to light up the face in record time.

Kenzogi 'Ginger Micro Bubble' CreamKenzogi ‘Ginger Micro Bubble’ Cream

First,’ Serum Lotion Ginger ‘ That’s one 2 in 1 product Suitable for all tired skin types. It is toning but moisturizing and protects the skin from external aggressors like the sun. It is a new system and its Fine particles disappear with skin care. On the other hand, ‘ Ginger Micro Bubble Cream A daily moisturizing cream with natural active ingredients such as Moringa and Macwort, which activates the skin’s strengthening and protective properties in minutes. Both the packaging are white and orange colors and perfectly reflect the refreshing power of citrus and ginger. Both of them Available at official stores and website And many have already caught them.

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