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Actress Blake Lively chooses watery waves or perfect straightening to complete her stunning look.

Some couples end their relationship, while others integrate. One of Hollywood’s favorites was created by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, two actors who have been married since 2012 and have three children, one of whom is on the way. This was confirmed by the wedding in the first scene of the movie “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu”. However, in this article we are going to focus on the actor’s hairstyles Fashion and beauty icons Currently.

Born in Los Angeles, USA, Blake has been interested in fashion and beauty since a young age. The daughter of actors, the American has dedicated her life to the big screen and catwalks. In his film career, which began at the age of 11, he appeared Many picturesLike “Adaline’s Secret”, “Simon Chase”, “One for All” or “City of Thieves”.

Actress Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood's favorite couplesActress Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples

Blake Lively isn’t the only one standing out Big screen. The actress was a part of one of the most popular series in television history. ‘Gossip Girl’ is a drama followed by millions of youngsters. In the series, Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen, a young blonde who falls victim to a web page. On that portal, the gossip and gossip of the youth of Manhattan’s high society are published.

In addition to his work in film and television, the American also shines in the textile industry. In November 2007, Blake got it First cover In Cosmo Girl Magazine. She has been the face of many prestigious brands like Chanel and Gucci. She has sneaked into some film galas dressed in her best.

Goddess of beauty

Her Greek goddess looks and long hair will charm anyone. The actress usually opts for long dresses, with V-necklines and straps. As for her street style, the model is a Classic style, marked by blazers, jeans, underwear and midi skirts. The colors of the clothes are usually discreet, unsaturated and simple tones.

Regarding her hairstyles, the actress No resignation For her long blonde hair. Depending on the level of elegance and the level of decoration, Blake Lively chooses watery waves or perfect straightening. If you want to look as glamorous and glamorous as the actress, we bring you this analysis of her repeated looks on the red carpet.


A for each celebrity Classic hairstyle, a look she sees whenever she can and it becomes part of her personal style. For the actress, her classic is hair with slightly defined waves and a side part. It’s a hairstyle she’s worn on hundreds of occasions, both for a fancy date and casual.

Different looks of actress Blake Lively with curly hairDifferent looks of actress Blake Lively with curly hair

The only variable factor is the curl shape, which is more or less wavy. Let’s remember the look she chose for the premiere of “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu”, where Blake paired a yellow dress with a thin strap with long curly blonde hair. To achieve the volume of Blake Lively’s curls, it is recommended that you use setting sprays and hair mousses. This way, you will wear a hairstyle in actress style.


What hairstyle symbolizes perfection? Since waves are a look that doesn’t know anything, it can be straightened. Hair looks completely flat, giving it a light, healthy and wonderful feel. In fact, one of the trends of 2019 is mirror hair, which is the latest level of straightening. It is beautiful to cut the hair with a mirror and comb it completely.

Different looks of actress Blake Lively with straight hairDifferent looks of actress Blake Lively with straight hair

Well, Blake Lively chooses this hairstyle to complete many of her looks. And she didn’t look down on her hair. She also uses it for half-updos, where she leaves one section of hair in a bun and straightens the other. To achieve Blake Lively-like straightening, you have two options: one with a hair straightener and the other with a blow dryer and brush.


No hairstyle without retouching. There is no look without the final detail, which makes all the difference. You can’t achieve a stunning look without proper separation. There are three classic ways to style your hair. A middle part is one of these partings, where the hair is divided into two parts, in the middle of the hair. Another option is to pull back the entire hairstyle, requiring no parting or sectioning. This parting is common for updos like buns, pigtails, or braids.

Various looks of actress Blake Lively with sidesVarious looks of actress Blake Lively with sides

A third type of sidebar, the trend It promises to sweep spring 2019. It already gave hints of its success on the red carpet. And many celebrities choose this hair parting to complete their look. One of them, Blake Lively, uses a side part to style her long blonde hair and get extra volume in her hair.

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In Blake Lively’s hairstyle chart, we can’t forget her updos. This type of beauty is one of the most used by actresses, especially for red carpet appointments. For the 2018 MET Gala, let’s remember the look the interpreter chose, a medium-high bun adorned with a sun-shaped crown.

Various looks of actress Blake Lively with updatesVarious looks of actress Blake Lively with updates

Braids, pigtails, half-updos or buns are some of the many looks the actress has worn throughout her career. Depending on the level of elegance of the event or beauty trends, Blake chooses a more or less informal updo. Of course, she doesn’t forget any of them, she tries every improvisation, both the most classic and the others complicated and dangerous.

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