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Model and influencer Laura Eskens has gone from midi hair to chocolate brown pixie shorts.

A young model shows her work on social networks and becomes one of the most popular influencers in the country. Of course you already know who we are referring to with this explanation. Laura Eskens is one of the queens of Instagram 1.2 million followers. In the last two years, she published her first book “Piel de Letra” and has walked for several brands such as Ze García. On a personal level, he has taken another step in his relationship with Risto Mejite. Soon they will become parents.

Although the Catalan became known for her relationship with the publicist, she previously posed on Instagram for thousands of followers. The model combined her work The world of fashion Graduated in Journalism. Finally, Laura dropped out of school to focus on her passion, being the face of several brands.

His one First jobs It was for jewelry brand Majorica, featuring a young woman to promote its new campaign. From that moment on, Laura was flooded with projects. It must be recognized that the Barcelonan has been able to capitalize on his work as a model by making good use of social networks. Risto’s wife has always shared her photos with her followers.

Dress by Laura Eskenes

In fact, the young woman wrote her side More personal and professional On his blog. It was in that way that the writer fell in love with the young woman, as he clarified in an interview with Jesús Calleja. Catalan woman wins over critic with words Two months after making their relationship public, Risto proposed to her at the Borras Theater in Barcelona.

Different looks of Laura Eskenes with midi and long hairDifferent looks of Laura Eskenes with midi and long hair

Laura is Risto’s wife and draws attention not only for her relationship with fashion. The young woman is one of the women of the moment. The model is wearing All trends This time, both in clothing, accessories and hairstyles. This is a reference to his million followers. Friend other influencers like Dulceida or Gigi Vives.

In the beauty industry, the young lady has opted for changes that suit her figure. In each case, Laura has made the choice Perfect look. At every moment of her life, she knows how to express her happiness and fulfillment from the clothes she wears in public appearances. Because she is a woman made for fashion and follows all the trends.

Hairstyle changes

Before becoming known as Risto Megiday’s partner, the model wore sleek shoulder-length hair without bangs or highlights. As for color, Laura made a choice lowered Hair that has turned from dark brown to blonde, from roots to ends. As time went by, both the cut and the tone of the hair kept changing.

Various looks of model Laura Escanes with pixie shortsVarious looks of model Laura Escanes with pixie shorts

Indeed, an influencer’s hair represents an important phase in his life. Each change was predicted anew Hair cutting. Her transition from midi hair to pixie short is a clear example. It was right after her marriage to Risto Mejide. The same thing happened with color. The model went platinum blonde and then chocolate brown.

So, if you want to show off one of the model’s hairstyles, you have to remember that she lives in a house. constant change. A profile in favor of the influencer, due to the environment in which he works, fashion and social networks, two sectors that are in constant change. In addition, Laura Eskanes tries the trends of the moment, such as frozen blonde, radical pixie or classic midi hair for beauty.

Collected and semi-collected

Another of the star hairstyles for young women is the updo. When Laura Eskenes wore her hair long or midi, she didn’t just opt ​​for the perfect straight look or soft waves. Influence tied her hair in a bun bread, which gave a more or less informal look depending on the level of elegance of the event. In the bow worn by the young lady, we highlight something very emotional as it was the beauty she chose for her wedding to Risto Mejite. Laura Eskanes wore her hair in a low bun with curly hair.

Laura Eskenes model's various looks with updos and semi-updosLaura Eskenes model’s various looks with updos and semi-updos

The writer didn’t forget that the half-updo is a hairstyle that falls somewhere between loose hair and a full updo. It was the look she chose for a women’s secret event in November 2017 Influencer She put some of her hair in a high bun and left the rest straight. She paired this hairstyle with a long black jumpsuit with a sweetheart neckline.

In short, if you want to look like it Laura Eskanes, choose to season with midi hair or pixie shorts. It all depends on your taste and the trends of the moment. If you want to change the look, you can try the extreme pixie of the model. If you’re more into beauty classics, try the influencer’s beauty products with midi hair, like a half-updo or some waves.

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