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Long hair, a ponytail or a side part are some of the hairstyles of model and host Pilar Rubio.

She is a model, television host and actress Do you know who we’re referring to? If we told you that she has one of the most enviable hair in the country, you probably already know who this article is dedicated to. Born in Madrid in 1978, Pilar Rubio began studying economics. However, he dropped his studies and focused on television work. Thus, the model appeared in several commercials, short films and a video clip for the music group Hombres G. However, Pilar did not taste fame until entering ‘Sé lo que túísimos…’.

In the Lasexta project, the Madrid native started out as a collaborator with his own division. Provider For two summers. Later, it was announced that he had signed on to Telecinco, where he sang ‘Mas Ku Baile!’ He started presenting programs like or ‘Sing me a song’. In 2011, he became the host of ‘Operación Triunfo’, but only for five galas, when the network decided to cancel the competition due to its low viewership.

The model It is not only devoted to the presentation of forms. Pilar was a member of the cast of the Telecinco series ‘Pirates’ which did not complete its first season due to low viewership data. After his contract at Mediaset expired, the Madrid native moved to AddressMedia. A new ant appears in Pablo Motos’ project ‘El Harmiguro’. She has the model own division In form, pass impossible trials and in some of them, your life is at stake.

Unique style

Pilar Rubio has Relationship with television and fashion. As a model, she has participated in several advertising campaigns. In addition, in 2011 he launched a clothing line called “Metalhead”, inspired by two of his favorite styles of music: rock and heavy.

His social networks are the witness of all his public works. For example, on Instagram, she publishes all the outfits she wears on the red carpets of various events. The same goes for their hairstyles. The actress has tried various looks. Her long blonde hair is very playful. We have to add him to that Dangerous aspect Try any style, whether it’s an updo or a complete straightening.

So, we implement Analysis of her appearance So you can follow his style. Although the Madrid-based girl hasn’t changed her hair tone too much, she has been experimenting with different hairstyles. Because you don’t need dye to achieve a radical change and a new look. The main thing is to make a good choice.

XXL mane

The presenter is one of those people who can tolerate long hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, it’s a trend or not. Pilar Rubio is her favorite hairstyle and it is XXL hair, a style that is always trendy. Plus, it offers millions of opportunities to achieve different looks. For this reason, it is no coincidence that I try different hairstyles. It all depends on the level of elegance required for the event.

Pilar Rubio's long hair is a fundamental part of her imagePilar Rubio’s long hair is a fundamental part of her image

In fact, her long hair has become an essential part of her personal brand. Practically, since the model began to know, she has sported a hair Long, soft and shiny. Her hair attracts so much attention that it has even been chosen as the face of some beauty brands.


The position of the part may or may not favor a face. The middle part of the hair suits all faces, while the side part is suitable for square or triangular faces. In the case of Pilar Rubio, the Page separation As the model has very prominent cheekbones, it looks great on her.

Several appearances by host Pilar Rubio with a side segmentSeveral appearances by host Pilar Rubio with a side segment

Additionally, she usually opts for a side part to add volume to her hair. This is the case of watery waves, a hairstyle that cries out for this type of parting. Great look. Pilar Rubio has worn this beauty in her appearance in ‘El Hormiguro’ and some events.

was taken

Long hair offers many hairstyles. However, styling hair can be a moment Odyssey. Luckily there are collections that can save us in a pinch and are perfect for any date. We are referring to the ponytail, a hairstyle that will help us in a hurry and be achieved in the blink of an eye.

Various looks of anchor Pilar Rubio with a ponytailVarious looks of anchor Pilar Rubio with a ponytail

In fact, it’s the most over-the-top enhancement that Pilar Rubio wears on the red carpet as she heads to the soccer stadium to see her dates and her partner, Sergio Ramos. This hairstyle is perfect for accentuating your eye color or amazing makeup. That too Comb and fastPerfect for those who have enough time or don’t want to tangle their hair.


What hairstyle symbolizes perfection? Since waves are a look that doesn’t know anything, it can be straightened. The hair appears completely flat, giving the impression of an L Light, healthy and wonderful. In fact, one of the trends of 2019 is mirror hair, which is the latest level of straightening. It is beautiful to cut the hair with a mirror and comb it completely.

Different looks of host Pilar Rubio with straight hairDifferent looks of host Pilar Rubio with straight hair

As long and gorgeous as Pilar Rubio’s hair, it’s no surprise that straightening is one of her go-to hairstyles. The pattern alternates waves with a perfectly straight appearance. If you want to achieve this look on the model, all you need is an iron or dryer. Of course, before combing your hair, use a Heat protection So avoid damaging and breaking the tips.

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