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Actress Sophie Turner sports blonde hair, curling or straightening it depending on the outfit she chooses for the red carpet.

Although we are in the midst of spring, for some people winter has already arrived. We are referring to ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, who will soon be able to enjoy the eighth and final season of the series. We finally found out Who survives?Die in the fight for the Iron Throne or become a White Walker.

Sansa Stark, a character in the iconic HBO series, is played by Sophie Turner. An actress with strength and character Small and large screen Converts to reality. The young woman has grown up to match her fantasy role. Sophie entered the Westeros universe at the age of 15. The innocence she projects at the beginning of the story has nothing to do with the character of the British woman.

The same happens with the actor’s appearance. In every public appearance, actress A Courage and enviable femininity. It was revolution in the flesh of the young Stark woman. On more than one occasion, she has been named one of the best dressed on red carpets. Their appearance is associated with millimeter, original designs, bold and trends of the moment.

Winter has come

Also, she is a woman of changes. Sophie Turner dares everything. When the young lady seemed to have started dating the redhead, she changed her long hair to blonde. She knows how to combine any hairstyle with a bold and revolutionary outfit. Mix casual updos with ballgowns for a red carpet date.

Actress Sophie Turner's makeoverActress Sophie Turner’s makeover

Born in Northampton (United Kingdom), the actress landed the role that gave her fame. A literary counterpart to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ came to the small screen and needed actors to bring its elaborate world to life. One of the chosen is Sophie, the young woman who plays Sansa Stark. With the success of the series, the popularity of the actress rose. In a short time, the actress managed to make her way in the complex film industry.

If you want to feel like a young Stark, we’ve got this for you Analysis So you can follow the style of this Hollywood promise. We’ve broken down the actor’s career into four defining hairstyles: side parting, XXL hair, updos and blonde. The length and color of her hair varied over time, changing from red hair to platinum blonde.


No hairstyle without retouching. There is no look without the final detail, which makes all the difference. You can’t achieve a stunning look without proper separation. is there Three classic ways Comb your hair. A middle part is one of these partings, where the hair is divided into two parts, in the middle of the hair. Another option is to pull back the entire hairstyle, requiring no parting or sectioning. This parting is common for updos like buns, pigtails, or braids.

Various looks alongside actress Sophie TurnerVarious looks alongside actress Sophie Turner

The third category is the side part, a trend that promises to sweep spring 2019. It already gave clues to its success on the red carpet. There were many famous people who chose it section She strutted around in various film events with her hair down. One of those stars is Sophie Turner, an actress who routinely parts her hair to the side to achieve extra volume with waves or straightening.

was taken

Sophie Turner can’t stop wearing her hair down style. Such a chameleon-like young lady tries on a wide range of dresses Various styles. A British woman wore a braided crown at a ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere. She also didn’t forget classic updos like the high ponytail.

Actress Sophie Turner's different looks with a half-updoActress Sophie Turner’s different looks with a half-updo

For this reason, you cannot choose just one hairstyle in this category. The actress chooses an update depending on the outfit she chooses for the occasion, taking into account the elegance, color or even the dress. One of the last dates to see Sophie Turner with this type of hairstyle was at Paris Fashion Week, when she appeared at an event. Semi collected.

XXL mane

Getting long hair is complicated, but it’s not impossible. We have many beauty treatments and cares at our disposal. It means healthy hair Fast, efficient and long-term growth. The longer our hair, the more hairstyles we can achieve. Braids, buns or pigtails are some of the looks we can do with long hair.

Various looks of actress Sophie Turner with XXL hairVarious looks of actress Sophie Turner with XXL hair

Actress Sophie Turner, who we met with waist-length hair, knows this well. The young woman had long red hair, which she tied up or left loose. Indeed, one of the translator’s most recurring motifs is water waves, a beauty classic. It creates a wave in the hair that can go from the middle to the ends or from the roots to the ends. It all depends on the final look you want to give beauty


A change of look never hurts. Showing the risk of updating the image a Magnificent and bold personality. This is what Sophie Turner reveals, the actress we thought was a faithful defender of red hair. The British girl went from reddish brown to platinum blonde and you can’t help but see how beautiful it looks on her.

Different looks of actress Sophie Turner with blonde hairDifferent looks of actress Sophie Turner with blonde hair

At the 23rd edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the actress sported her blonde hair in a tight red dress with matching lip color. To live up to the elegance of this gala, the actress styled her long hair with slightly defined waves. This hairstyle is one of the actor’s favorites as he has worn it on many occasions. Another date where we could see the dazzling blonde actress was at the premiere of the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’. For this serial date, the young woman chose A Wavy hair Separated with a side stripe.

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