Honey and garlic to fight fever and cold

Two great natural allies when fighting colds and cataracts are garlic and honey.

With the arrival of cold and low temperatures, they multiply Cases of respiratory conditions Like a cold or flu. When removing the symptoms of such conditions, most people actively turn to specific medications.

However, most experts advise taking a series of preventative measures to help strengthen the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses. Two great natural allies when fighting colds and cataracts They are garlic and honey. In the following article we are going to talk to you about the properties of these amazing foods that will help you overcome the dreaded flu or cold.

Honey is very effective in reducing the symptoms of common cold.Honey is very effective in reducing the symptoms of common cold.


Various studies have been able to confirm that honey is indeed effective in reducing one’s own symptoms. cold, especially in relation to sore throat. Regarding the properties of honey, the following should be noted:

  • Honey has antimicrobial properties which make it very useful in fighting Viral and bacterial processes. This is important when it comes to reducing the amount of microbes present in the trachea and throat.
  • There is also honey Anti-inflammatory properties, so it is perfect for reducing inflammation in the throat area and respiratory tract. So it is a natural product that relieves irritation caused by cold or flu.
  • Honey is known as a wonderful remedy. To relieve cough. Taking a small amount of honey can help soothe throat irritation and reduce the frequency of coughing.
  • Honey is also good for keeping the throat and respiratory tract well hydrated. This is important to reduce possible symptoms A cold or chill.

In this case experts advise to take honey together With some lemon and hot tea. The tea helps relieve throat irritation and lemon helps strengthen defenses.

Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-viral propertiesGarlic has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties


Another one Best foods When it comes to fighting colds and flu, garlic is:

  • There is garlic Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties It is perfect when fighting respiratory conditions.
  • Garlic It is rich in anti-oxidants Hence, its consumption helps fight free radicals in the body. It is important to improve the body’s immunity and protect against the dreaded cold or cataracts.
  • Garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties, so its consumption can reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract and To relieve nasal congestion.
  • Garlic has been proven to work As a natural expectorant. Consuming garlic allows mucus to clear out and relieves cough.

In this case experts advise to take garlic the natural way All its features can be used. You can eat it raw or add it to soups or creams. Garlic capsules can be found in the market as a supplement to a healthy diet.

In short, both garlic and honey are two amazing natural ingredients that can help strengthen the immune system and fight conditions like colds or flu. It is much better to choose natural remedies than drugs or medicines. Side effects are rarely noticeable and Properties of both honey and garlic They allow you to reduce the symptoms of respiratory conditions such as colds or flu.

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