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These aquatic creatures may have a unique way of resting, but most tend to remain motionless, floating at the top or bottom of the aquarium.

You’ve probably wondered how fish sleep, but perhaps first you need to ask yourself if these aquatic creatures sleep. Well, the answer to this second curious question is yes. Pisces sleep and need rest, like any other animal. However, not everyone does it the same way, and as you can see, their way of resting is very different from what we humans practice, and can even be very peculiar depending on the type of fish we are talking about.

Fish are very different from the rest of the pets we usually have today because They are not sentient beings and are not a source of entertainment or affection. and affection on the part of the animal. They don’t need brain activity because they aren’t trained to record it and therefore don’t need deep rest, unlike humans who actually need to process all of their daily information. However, this does not mean that fish do not sleep, since it is obvious They have to rest to gain energy.. Therefore, we will devote the next lines of this article to clarifying the sleep patterns of fish.

How to tell when fish are sleeping

Pisces are creatures that often hypnotize us precisely with their calmness. If you have ever looked at an aquarium, have you noticed that sometimes They remain motionless while floating in the water and you’ve probably wondered what exactly they do. You might be surprised to know that the fish are probably sleeping. Aquarium fish that we are most used to seeing They usually look for quiet places to rest.or between rocks, cracks or decorative objects, although they also tend to climb to the highest part of the aquarium in search of calm or remain at the bottom.

If a fish does not make any movements while swimming, it means it is sleeping.If a fish does not make any movements while swimming, it means it is sleeping.

You will be able to tell if your fish is sleeping when it does not make any movements while swimming in the water. It will not move its fins or tail.even will not flash, since these aquatic creatures do not have eyelids, as their eyes are constantly wet. What they have is membrane which covers them so that the light does not disturb them while they are resting, but the light is not a great reason to think that they are not sleeping, since they usually do not distinguish between night and day.

Different types of fish sleep

Like any other living creature, these animals need to renew their energy in order to exist, and the way to do this is by sleeping. During your break, They stop physical activity and reduce metabolism., so they remain motionless. However, these animals do not like deep sleep. That’s why they do not have REM sleep, the phase that mammals actually experience and in which the greatest brain activity is recorded at night, as this is the time of greatest loss of consciousness. For their part, the fish they need to always be on guard in the face of a possible attack by any predator, that is, they never completely lose consciousness.

Pisces can have different types of sleep patterns, and you need to know what they are.Pisces can have different types of sleep patterns, and you need to know what they are.

Nature is wise and that is why Not all fish sleep the same.. Each of them has its own physiological characteristics, and while it is true that most rest by reducing physical activity, there are those who rest in their own way, taking into account their natural evolution. For example, some make sounds to ward off possible predators, as grunting fish do. Another example is the parrotfish, which covers itself with a colorless shell, which it is able to create by excreting it with its head; This way he hides his smell. On the other hand, there are those who several fins are located on the bottom as an anchor so that the current of water does not drag them away.

Likewise, they marine mammals like dolphins or whales. These creatures have the ability to sleep and swim at the same time, since only half of their brain rests. Moreover, how they need to surface To obtain oxygen, they live in small groups, one of them can guide the others while the others rest, and thus protect the entire group. However, they are known to sleep when they float like logs, although they are most likely floating during this time. But also There are many other sea creatures that do not sleep.. Usually these are those who live in large oceans, such as sharks, which always continue to swim because they can fall to the bottom of the sea and die.

Why do fish swim in water while they sleep?

Fish are vertebrates with the ability to move. However, they have an organ that makes them swim, this swim bladder. Some don’t have it, like sharks, but most have this organ that allows you to adjust the weight of the animal depending on the water pressure controlling the amount of gas inside. Typically, when a fish suffers from swim bladder disease, it swims on its back and swims awkwardly, even brushing against its surroundings. This may be caused by poor aquarium water or bacterial or viral infections, but it is not a contagious disease to other fish.

Fish usually swim when they sleepFish usually swim when they sleep

As a rule, everyone Aquarium fish have this organ and they rest, swimming, with their eyes open. If you see that your fish is acting strangely or perhaps you find something antisocial in it, first of all, remain calm because this is not a sign that it is sick, but maybe just that it is resting. Now you know how fish sleep, so… Don’t bother him if you have doubts or if he seems calmer than usual.since the animal will be on alert both day and night, and you can cause stress in it.

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