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Cockroaches survive well because they are able to adapt to any environment that arose approximately 350 million years ago.

Cockroaches They are insects which reproduce very easily, so in many cases can see pests on the streets and, although less likely, it can also happen in a home or business. Also, being an insect that people usually don’t like very much and causes fear reactions, they carry bacteria and can cause asthma in some people. These insects belong to Order of Blattodeathe same as for termites.

Types of cockroaches

It’s kind of hard to say everything for sure types of cockroaches which exist, but there are approximately 4600 different types (there are 3000 in Spain), of which about thirty They are associated with spaces inhabited by people. And out of these thirty, four They are considered pests. Considering the wide variety of cockroaches that exist, three species more common:

  1. American cockroach
  2. German cockroach
  3. oriental cockroach
The American cockroach is one of the most common.The American cockroach is one of the most common.

Life cycle of a cockroach pretty much the same than other insects. They first hatch from an egg until they become a larva. At this stage the cockroach does not have wings, when they develop it will be in the adult stage. Need to pay attention to the following details to discover Your presence:

  • Unusual smell
  • Sporadic appearance cockroaches
  • spots
  • Deprivation of property due to shedding his skin

How to avoid cockroaches

  • Cockroaches are prone be attracted food comes first. Crumbs, food scraps, spilled liquids, any smell of leftover food will cause cockroaches to get in there. That’s why it’s very importantWhether you eat outside or inside, cover your trash and practice optimal hygiene to prevent these bugs as much as possible, as it is not pleasant at all.
  • Another aspect to consider This is water because they can attract cockroaches. It’s because they need water survive. You must pay attention, whether on site or at home, to ensure there are no water leaks or broken pipes. As a curiosity, oriental cockroach can live a month without food if there is enough water, but without water it can die in 48 hours.
  • These fearless insects seek refuge it is safe to continue surviving. To do this and avoid them, you need to check for cracks and broken pipes where they usually stay.
  • Preferably mostly in summer, close the windows with a mosquito net. This will prevent cockroaches and other insects from entering.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection under appliances is recommended.Frequent cleaning and disinfection under appliances is recommended.
  • Clean the bottom of your appliances frequently., as this is a very suitable place to place them. Refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines must be washed to avoid cockroach infestation.
  • Cleaning is important use ammonia as it also helps to disinfect any space by preventing the presence of these insects. When cleaning with ammonia from cockroaches They may die due to chemicals in the product.
  • Dry everything wet areasat the moment, for example, a sink or shower. Avoid any type of humidity to avoid cockroaches.
  • Taking out the trash every day is vital if you want to avoid this type of pest. Especially organic trash, as this is the most likely source of cockroaches looking for food. If it’s trash spends many days at home a surprise is more than inevitable, since they will definitely appear inconvenient tenants.
  • After cleaning, you must turn on the water. for a few seconds so that the pipes are well cleaned. You can also add some bleach or some strong chemical to prevent them from depositing in these areas.
  • Cleaning with ammonia will help the chemical kill the cockroaches.Cleaning with ammonia will help the chemical kill the cockroaches.
  • To repel cockroaches, you can also place aromatic plants around the home to serve as natural insect repellents. One of the most popular this is a laurelTherefore, if leaves are placed in places such as windows, they will not be able to enter the house. They can also be placed in cracks or any other place to repel them. lavender This is another plant that will help prevent cockroaches such as citronella.
  • This tip is important when the house is left alone for a while due to vacation or any other reason. You need to review all previous items, close sewerage and windows.
  • In addition, you can also set homemade traps. You will need baking soda and sugar mixed in equal parts. Sugar will attract them, but baking soda toxic product which will kill them immediately. Simply by placing this natural repellent in dark areas or areas prone to the cockroaches are leavingthe problem will be completely eliminated.
  • Also for those people who live in places prone to their appearance, can fumigate every time “x” as a method of prevention.

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