How to change water in an aquarium: tips

It is necessary to ensure that the object where the fish will be kept during water changes in the aquarium does not have any traces of soap, as this can harm the animals.

It is often believed that the world of fish requires much less care than the world of any other animal, and this big confusion. Keeping your pet at its best requires a lot of attention, including lighting, water, tank cleaning, or water change routine. In this case, we will focus on the latter, since cleaning is a fundamental part of the health of this animal.

Many people believe that having a filter In an aquarium, you will no longer have to constantly change your pet’s water and this is another big mistake because the filter helps keep the water in the aquarium clean, but it doesn’t clear it completely. Therefore, it is recommended to change the aquarium water. once or twice a week. With this in mind, many will be wondering how to do this, as this action requires some care and delicacy, especially with fish that you will have to remove from their usual habitat.

The aquarium filter does not help completely cleanThe aquarium filter does not help completely clean

Despite all this and based on the tips we will give you below, changing your water will become an awareness a few simple steps in which you will always ensure the welfare of your animals.

Find a surface to place the fish.

The first step you should take is to find an aquarium-like area where you will place the fish while you change the water. Once you have chosen a container, you need to make sure that it is no soap residueas it may be harmful to animals.

You will have to do this the night before so that the water on the surface where you will later place your pets settles and dries. similar temperature to the level of the aquarium, and the chlorine level decreases. It is recommended that neither sunlight nor other artificial light be projected directly onto the tank, as this may cause temperature varies.

The first thing you should do is change the location of the fish.The first thing you should do is change the location of the fish.

If you don’t have time to do all these things and are in a hurry to change the water, you can also use a dechlorinatorwith which you can get the same result and much faster.

Move the fish

Once you have ensured that the water in the new container is the same temperature as in the aquarium and we have removed the chlorine, you can begin moving the fish. This should also be done with extreme caution so that the pet suffers as little as possible. Some people fish with fishing net and place a new container next to the aquarium so that the time the animals are out of the water is as short as possible and they do not suffer. Another more practical alternative that does not risk pet suffering would be to insert small round object free of soap residue. Once it is immersed in the water, you will have to wait for the fish to get inside and when this is achieved, all you have to do is remove it from the aquarium.

Change dirty water in the aquarium

When we have moved out the fish, it will be time to change the water in the aquarium. To do this, and while being careful not to throw away objects inside, such as plants or rocks that fish might play with, it is necessary to remove the dirty water. Once this is done, the best thing to do to keep all the contents clean is to remove the items inside, place them in another container and you wash them hot water and salt.

You should also clean the decorative items inside the aquarium.You should also clean the decorative items inside the aquarium.

Then we will proceed to aquarium cleaningwhich has already been explained in previous articles where special care must be taken when using objects and elements suitable for the care of animals.

Imagine clean aquarium objects

When this is achieved, all items that were in the aquarium and also cleaned will be returned and the aquarium will be filled with water. In the latter we will have to continue same steps which were carried out earlier to prepare the container in which the fish will be located while cleaning the aquarium. Therefore, you will have to purify the water and make sure that it does not contain chlorine and is at the same temperature as the other container in which the animals are kept.

Transfer the fish to an aquarium with clean water.

And just as before animals were moved from one place to another, this time the same will be done with the aquarium, after first changing the water and arranging it anew. for your pleasure and health.

If this is your first time changing the water, ask someone to help you.If this is your first time changing the water, ask someone to help you.

If you are going to change the water in the aquarium for the first time, it is recommended accompanied by another person to help you complete all these steps in the most appropriate manner and with the utmost care. It would also be good if one person was responsible for changing the water, and the other constantly monitored the fish. Since these can often bounce, therefore the top of the container should be covered with a lid so that they do not crawl out of it.

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