How to choose a cat: tricks to choose the right one

More and more families are deciding to make cats another member of their home. We’ll tell you everything you need to know before buying or adopting your new friend.

Pets can be one of man’s best friends, and they are unique because they generously accompany you from the moment they become part of your family. More and more families are deciding to have an animal in their home. Some are more common, some less so. Sometimes on a whim, and sometimes with greater responsibility. Despite all the benefits they can offer you, Before purchasing any animal, you must know and appreciate the responsibility it requires..

According to numerous studies, it has been scientifically proven that animals, such as dogs or cats, may benefit physical and mental healthin addition to being part of developing as a person.

One factor to consider is the timing of the selection.. Animals express themselves through the energy they transmit, and it can be more or less active. Depending on the type of person you are, one type of animal or another may suit you better. In the end, your life depends on you, and Not all animals need the same care, just as not all people lead the same lifestyle. This is the most basic rule.

You should know that a cat is not a toy.You should know that a cat is not a toy.

Choosing the perfect cat

First of all, you should ask yourself why you want to get a pet. An animal is not a toy and must be cared for throughout its life. It can’t be a whim. The lifespan of cats is between ten and twenty years.. This is not something temporary, and if you are someone who will get tired of taking care of it after a short time, it is better not to have it.

It is true that a cat does not require as much time as a dog, but they still need exercise to help develop their vitality properly. Although cat breeds are not as famous as dog breeds, they exist too. Each race has specific characteristics, not only physical, but also psychological. : specific coat, time or other behavior.

Male cat or female cat?

On the one side, women tend to be more obedient and affectionate, but one of the big drawbacks is jealousy. Some periods during which the cat meows loudly and continuously, in addition to this, it is necessary to ensure that the male cat can approach the cat. It is also true that they are more likely than men to suffer from breast tumors. Jealousy can be resolved through neutering, but it disrupts the continuity of the cat’s hormonal development. Against, Cats tend to roam more, are more moody, and mark their territory. when females are detected in estrus, which can be dangerous even for the owner. It all depends on your preferences.

Short-haired cats shed less hair and are easier to groom.Short-haired cats shed less hair and are easier to groom.

Which fur is better?

If you are in doubt about the type of fur, we should know that it depends on the season.. A long-haired cat is more attractive, but still requires more work, both in cleaning the house and combing it. However, short-haired cats are less responsible in this regard, so you won’t have to remove hair from every part of the house.

Pay attention to possible diseases

Before purchasing, make sure your cat has no symptoms and is healthy.. There are different ways to find out. With your eyes, you want to make sure they are shiny and free of congestion and tears. If you look at the nose, make sure there is no discharge and that the cat is not sneezing too much. You can tell by looking at your ears whether they are free of black wax or other buildup. In addition, they should not smell bad. If you listen to your chest, your breathing should be clear and free of coughing symptoms. You must ensure that the hair is clean and free of parasites such as fleas or ticks. They are usually found especially in parts of the body such as the armpits or abdomen. Just like your hair, your skin should be clean and undamaged. Make sure there are no old, neglected wounds.. The butt should also be clean and free of worms.

One additional important aspect to consider before adopting a cat is its physical characteristics.. In this sense, there are cats that grow and develop more than others. Each family has its own characteristics that make one type of cat more suitable. Physical characteristics have nothing to do with aesthetic ones, but we are referring primarily to the characteristics and needs that the animal needs. Before you buy a cat, you should find out about its origins.. Before making a decision, it is important to have as much information as possible: how long the cat has been in the place where you are going to buy it, why, its interactions with other cats, its personality, what health problems it may have, etc.

There are stray cats who are eagerly waiting for you to take them into your home.There are stray cats who are eagerly waiting for you to take them into your home.

Ways to buy a cat

There are different ways to acquire this pet, some of them are more recommended than others. There is no doubt that we encourage adoption as much as possible because there are many homeless animals that have been abandoned and just want a little love.

  • Very often, someone wanting to adopt a cat does so with a stray cat.. This is a way to help animals who are in a situation that can be improved.
  • Another way to get a cat is through breeding, whether your own or not.. Cat breeders usually perform this function in order to later sell them to families or pet stores.
  • If you want to purchase a cat in a store, privately or in shelters. The latter is an excellent option since the animals are usually vaccinated and dewormed. Additionally, if you adopt a cat from a shelter, this is a fun option that will help other outdoor cats choose a shelter location for the cat you choose.
There are several cat breeds, choose the one you like best.There are several cat breeds, choose the one you like best.

Types of cat breeds

If you want a purebred cat, there are many types. Hairless cats are not a very popular breed.. However, they are exemplary and highly valued by felinological federations. The absence of wool gives them a peculiar beauty and elegance.

On the other hand, there are long-haired cats. They are completely opposite, but also very beautiful. They have extraordinary beauty from youth to adulthood. Shorthair cats are the largest breed of all.. This type of cat includes many breeds with different physical characteristics.

Beyond simplicity: a cat with or without fur We also have Oriental cats, larger than normal cats, or smaller breeds.. And the cat is one of the pets that, along with the dog, has many styles, typologies and breeds from which we can choose the one that we like best and that we think adapts to our lifestyle.

You should brush it frequently and deworm it when necessary.You should brush it frequently and deworm it when necessary.

Cat care

  • These pets are low maintenance, but they do require basic care, such as: Brush the coat from time to time to remove loose hairs. Small cats love warmth, so if you keep your home at a medium-high temperature, they will probably appreciate it. Cats, despite gossip, are very sociable and affectionate animals, but they require prior trust.
  • Placing several levels of scratching posts in the house will allow the cat to properly let off steam., since he loves high places. It would also be great if you could let them out of the house so they could move around and have fun. For safety reasons, it won’t hurt to fence the balcony with a cat net, and it won’t even hurt to take it out for a walk.
  • Cats often suffer from inherited diseases caused by reproduction, such as retinal atrophy or heart disease. Thus, It is advisable to vaccinate the cat and deworm it. To avoid possible diseases that may affect your life, the living space must be adequate. However, their diet is not very demanding. Feeds and foods with a high meat content are ideal. for the diet of these domestic animals. Cold water is necessary to maintain hydration.
Having a cat implies having many cats.  You need to make sure you can support it.Having a cat implies having many cats. You need to make sure you can support it.

Data to consider

Before getting a cat, you should think not only about the responsibility it entails, but also whether you can keep it. Even if you get your pet for free, you should not forget to check your budget. Feeding and caring for him is not free. Your expenses can reach thousands of euros per year. These details may vary depending on whether the cat is more or less mature and whether it is a particular breed type. Small cats tend to cost more because they need vaccinations to get them started.deworming and even castration and sterilization.

Also think about other aspects to consider when dealing with these pets, such as your home. You need to see what the environment is like in your home and whether the cat can adapt easily.. If you have other pets, consider how you would adapt with them.

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