How to choose your first sofa

Buying your first sofa is not an easy task because you first need to evaluate aspects such as the number of seats, comfort or type of construction.

The sofa is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in the living room. In that we spend a significant part of our time engage in all types of activities: from relaxing or watching TV series to communicating with other people. The sofa has become not just a place to sit, but a meeting place around which a lot of activity happens. So, the importance of placing a good sofa in your home is more than significant. Therefore, if you are about to buy your first sofa, below We leave you with clues to take into account to make the right choice..

Keys to choosing your first sofa

To make the right decision, first you’ll have to evaluate some issues which are basic when purchasing any element that makes up your furniture. By this we mean, first of all, study the dimensions of the room where are you going to place your sofa and also distribution of the rest of the furniture and space remaining. These details will clearly determine which type of sofa to choose, so take your time and carefully evaluate these aspects to ensure the final model is the best fit for your home.

In second place, the appearance of the sofa will be decisive for your living room as it is one of the most significant and individual pieces of furniture in the home, so the style of the sofa should blend perfectly with the rest of the room to maintain the balance and personality of your home. . So you have to evaluate different colors and shades which best adapt to the needs of your living room, as well as the prints and other decorations that can benefit the room. But also, you need to look the different possibilities that modern sofas offer according to the following features:

Comfort is one of the aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a sofa.Comfort is one of the aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a sofa.
  • From the very beginning you should understand something as simple as number of seats whichever you want your sofa to be. Obviously, depending on what kind of space you have, you will be more prepared in this regard. But don’t worry because in the market you can find several options depending on distribution and power What do you want your sofa to be? So, you can choose single chairs, two-seater sofas and three-seater sofas if you have less space in your case. On the contrary, “L” sofas, corner sofas or chaise lounges are more suitable for large rooms.
  • Comfort This is another factor to consider. Although any sofa may seem comfortable at first glance, only after trying it will you understand whether it is really as comfortable as it seems. To ensure your first sofa meets this standard, make sure your hips don’t drop below your knees when you sit down. Also, make sure that your feet are touching the ground and that your lumbar region is fully protected when you lean against the backrest. Additionally, the ideal armrest is to be positioned at elbow height rather than below so that correct body position.
  • Let your new sofa consist of robust design This is also one of the most fundamental keys. It’s about making a good long-term investment so you can pay for new furniture over many years. For this it is important that the structure is drawn up solid wood or metalWell, this way you will ensure greater durability. Likewise, zigzag strap or spring system one that supports the cushions is most suitable for these cases, and also that the sofa legs are integrated into the structure itself, since those that are screwed or hooked in any way risk becoming loose or breaking. And if you want the seats to be removable rather than fixed, make sure the mechanism is strong and stable.
  • Filling This is another key to choosing the right one for your first sofa. If the material your sofa is made from is breathable, you will have greater stability and comfort, as is the case with a sofa. memory foam or polyurethane foam, which are a better alternative to the deformation that pillows may experience over time.
  • And this is directly related to upholstery and covering sofa, which can help expand the size and light of the room, as happens with sofas in white or cream. Also keep in mind that There are different types of upholsterysuch as cotton or chenille, both very durable, for example leather, very classic and adaptable to any decorative style, or technical upholstery, very fashionable in recent years due to its ease of cleaning.
The sofa is one of the most important elements of the homeThe sofa is one of the most important elements of the home

Ideas to help you choose your first sofa

In any case on the market you can find a wide range of options and models which include all styles. If in your case you prefer not to take risks, you can choose more classic models, which will always be a safe option. But on the contrary, if you want to innovate, you can bet on some bolder and less common options. An example is the sofa with table, a very practical model that allows you to place a lamp and other items on the side of the sofa if you don’t have a side table.

replaceable backrests and armrests They also occupy a leading position among sofas, allowing you to move the backrest and armrests, as well as use the sofa as a mattress. In short, it is a design structure that can be compared to a sofa bed, which will always keep you out of trouble, and even to a futon, a type of mattress that is laid out on the floor for use, but which can be rolled up to create more space. Also don’t forget that there is covers in almost all colors and prints that allow you to change the style of your sofa at any time at a very affordable price.

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