How to de-stress before starting college

When teenagers have to start university, they can feel a great deal of uncertainty.. A new series of fights begins: the countdown to the start of university. Your life is about to experience a major upheaval, and you may feel fearful and anxious. But they are unwilling or unable to express their fears.

It’s important to talk to your kids about the changes they’re going through. As a parent, you’ll feel some major nerves, but there are things you can do to ease everyone’s anxiety. Below are some general strategies for feeling better about somewhat uncontrollable emotions.

Fear of the unknown

Teen anxiety about college comes from less well-known sources. College is a very different experience than high school; For the first time, teenagers are truly responsible for their own success. Not just academically, but emotionally and socially.

In addition to the unknown, teenagers are pressured by parents and educators to feel that college will define their entire future. We ask 17/18 year olds to make these big decisions (vs. leave, stay, live on campus, choose something important) when these decisions completely change their lives. These results are important, But adults often don’t allow for conversations about what to do if feelings change..

Teen anxiety about college comes from less well-known sourcesTeen anxiety about college comes from less well-known sources

Parents should change the focus of conversations. Instead of putting too much pressure on kids to figure it all out, you should talk about the excitement of possibility. A lot of good things happen in that first year… That’s where you should focus your conversation.

A world of new experiences

One of the most exciting (but anxiety-inducing) changes is making friends. For most teenagers, they’ve known their friends for a long time, perhaps even their entire school career. So the prospect of making a new group of friends is definitely scary.

Although many colleges have events to meet incoming freshmen and make friends, actually doing so can be difficult. If you have a good relationship with current college students, Arrange for your child to spend time with them.

You need to help your child prepare for college You need to help your child prepare for college

Plan the day before your children go to campus so they know where they will be going and what they will be doing. This way, they get a chance to see the layout and get to know the campus better. And students usually lead tours, which means they get a chance to ask questions about campus life, such as clubs and social activities.

How Parents Can Help Teens With Anxiety

You should help your child prepare for college a year before. They have a lot to learn, and if you start early, many of their fears will be put to rest. One thing you can focus on is helping your children learn to prepare for administrative tasks like doctor’s appointments. These small tasks are actually an important marker of growth because having them is the willingness to start doing them. Feel, think and act like an adult.

Most of the time, teenagers don’t know how to do it because parents take care of those kinds of things. some times, The key to taming anxiety a little is to model the behavior they need to learn..

College-going teens have some homework to do on their own in college. Teach them to do laundry, if they don’t already. Or buying food would give them an advantage. Doing laundry can be especially daunting if you’ve never had to do it before. Sure, you may still get calls about washing machine settings or fabric softeners, but you’ve given them basic skills. That doesn’t mean they won’t come home with dirty clothes, because that’s inevitable. If they run out of underwear, it means they have the ability to fix the problem.

Teaching youth to manage emotions

On the mental side of fear and anxiety, throwing teens into this completely new experience can bring to light things they’ve never considered before. It’s important to make sure your teen knows how to solve their own problems. Before they happen.

Better to focus less on actual solutions Better to focus less on actual solutions

College students who do not know what to do when problems arise Like they’re struggling with a tough class or not getting along with their roommateThey either avoid the issue altogether or make a hasty decision that is harmful.

Ideally, focus less on actual solutions and talk about what the problem-solving process looks like. These tools are more essential than always looking for a solution. Because sometimes you have to adapt. And adaptability can be a difficult skill to learn to fly at that age..

Most college students feel academically prepared for college. But emotionally? Not too much. College students often have difficulty dealing with things like frustration and disappointment..

Help your child identify concrete coping skills he can use in college. Parents need to learn to say no and set limits. Teach your children that they don’t have to feel obligated or pressured to fit in with the crowd.

All of this may seem overwhelming in the coming months, but not only will you be enjoying time together before this new phase in his life begins, but you’ll also be helping your child grow to solve problems in his life. Leaves. They can be difficult conversations, But everyone will be good and ready when it’s time to go.

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