How to decorate a coffee table

A coffee table is important to make a good impression as it is the focal point of the living room.

Both the sofa and the coffee table are the first elements that people notice when they enter someone else’s room. This is because they are the focal point of the room, so you have to be much more careful with your design if you want to make a good impression. Below are all the tips that will help you decorate your coffee table without going wrong:

Quadrant formula

Each table has its own personality, which requires matching objects. The decoration you use on your table doesn’t have to seem like it’s been carefully researched at first glance, even though it actually isn’t. And there are several formulas that are designed just for this type of finish, such as the quadrant formula.

This consists of Divide the table into four equal sections and place two large items on opposite sides. to achieve a balance of visual weight. On the other two sides you will have to put smaller items, but be careful not to overload the table. Also, be careful because not only are the materials you use important, but the colors can be a good starting point for style on the table.

Books and magazines

Have you ever thought about what other functions books and magazines have besides reading? Well, yes, they also serve as decoration. And if you use them as a decorative piece on your coffee table, it’s also an excuse to keep them handy for reading, especially if you have a floor lamp and a comfy sofa nearby where you can find a nook to zone out. You can stack books or magazines of different sizes, but make sure they are well bound. and it goes well with the rest of the room’s decoration. It is important that the cover is not too flashy.

Books and magazines are very useful for decoration and can be an excuse to start reading.Books and magazines are very useful for decoration and can be an excuse to start reading.


You can put marble, glass, wooden trays and even mirrors, which will make it seem like we have much more space than we actually have because they use light and reflect the sun’s rays, which increases brightness and the visual feeling of spaciousness, especially in small spaces with little lighting. The larger the mirror, the better, the greater the effect.

Place the tray on the side or in the center so it breaks up the surface and place more items around it, if they are small the better. In addition, this decorative element You can leave your keys or everyday items in it. and organize and arrange them. And the fact is that this space is beautiful, it is what everyone thinks about, but this does not mean that it should stop being practical, we should always look for comfort and versatility.

Plants and wood

One of the keys is to make the most of everything nature has to offer. Decorate with wood, wicker, esparto grass… because it will give a feeling of warmth and coziness. to a room you wouldn’t want to be in anywhere else. The table does not have to be made of these materials, but rather decorative elements such as candlesticks, boxes, candle holders…

Plants add color and happiness to your homePlants add color and happiness to your home

However, Another treasure that nature gives us is plants., which are also known as the best allies in decorating as they bring light, color and happiness to your home. In addition, they are able to saturate the house with oxygen, since the aromas in the house are very important on a perceptual and emotional level. Of course, you will have to choose plants that can survive in your home. The only thing you have to worry about is purchasing vases to display them.


Rugs are a real hit because they brighten up a home and convey a feeling of warmth and coziness, while also taking care of this room, which is usually a high-traffic area, and cushioning footsteps. You can place a rug under the table in solid colors, such as light brown, to add elegance.or with ethnic and geometric patterns to give the entrance an informal look. You can also add symmetrically placed paintings to give the space some order.

Other styles of coffee tables

When we talk about decorating a coffee table, we most often think of a regular rectangular table, but that’s not the case. Tables can come in many different shapes and from countless materials. Not to mention that you can use other elements as a table that don’t necessarily have this functionality.

There are many different shapes of coffee tables.There are many different shapes of coffee tables.
  • For example, you can select table which follows a sustainability philosophy, just like those made from wooden pallets.. And these materials can be reused to help the planet and turned into tables, seats, etc. These are eco-friendly and practical furniture that will give your home a sophisticated and updated look with its mix of rustic and industrial styles.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a different coffee table, you can combine two, three or even four. This is one of the latest decorating trends in which you can create compositions from several coffee tables, even those located at different heights from each other. With this idea, you can add more movement to your decor and increase the functionality of your room.
  • Finally, You have the opportunity to use cutting tables. These are the type of tables that fit one under the other. and above all, they are necessary for small spaces where you want order to reign. You can fold them every day and unfold them when you have guests at home. However, you can also place them regardless of the size of your living room, as they are always a good option to add dynamism to that central area.

Decoration is synonymous with therapy

Decoration can be a fundamental factor in our daily lives because a well-decorated place, such as a store, hotel or home, makes us feel at home. And that’s what Decorating can help you find happiness again because you can do anything.

One of the main facts that completely changes our mood when we decorate is that the simple act of decorating brings out the creativity in us. Except, It also allows anyone to play with colors, shapes and furniture from different periods.. While it may be hard to believe, mixing trends and creating rooms that are so different from each other will result in a unique and enviable home that will always delight us.

Decorating sparks creativity and can change your mood.Decorating sparks creativity and can change your mood.

If you are not a very brave person in everyday life, jewelry will allow you to do this because you will be able to do something that you have long wanted and previously you did not have the courage to do it out of fear of others. . Therefore, shyness will have to be completely eliminated from the decoration and move on to a new one.

Decorating will make you change. Many people associate change with something negative, but it is not. In many cases, this change implies a push, a driving force in our lives to regain lost happiness. Except, Decorating your home also sometimes means starting a new life with your partner, family or yourself., but it can also be a turning point when you are looking for a new approach to life. Therefore, decorating helps a lot in these cases as home renovation will help you open your mind.

Last but not least, decorating is good because it gives us inspiration. Sometimes, with so much work, inspiration disappears, so the best way to find it again is to decorate. Searching the Internet or specialized magazines will make finding inspiration much easier.. Although it can be found anywhere, even in the most unexpected place, we must be attentive to every detail around the corner, since it is likely that the best idea will be discovered at the most unexpected moment and make us happy again.

Decorating Tips

Often, even if you decorate your home and completely change it, there will come a time when you feel uncomfortable. For this, when you are going to decorate, you will have to choose artistic color combinations such as bright colors as they always create a pleasant ambiance that is liked by everyone. The question is how to combine them.

On the other side, One of the most important steps when starting to decorate is to get rid of everything that is no longer needed.. It’s a drastic step, but it’s time to stop hoarding everything you don’t use. After that, you can put in their place those memories or objects that evoke happiness, passion or satisfaction, because the purpose of this is to bring your personality into the house, something that will make the person feel more connected to him and therefore more strong. comfortable and happy.

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